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Find Matchmaking Sessions Works Once

When I create a matchmaking session, I can call Find Matchmaking Sessions and it will find the session the first time it is called; however, if I attempt to call Find Matchmaking Sessions a second time, it will succeed, but the list will be empty. Wh...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Performance problem came to me too early.

Hi, I finished learning the basics of Unreal Engine for VR and started making a game for Oculus Quest. I really wanna stick with Oculus Quest because I like the idea of the standalone device and much less competition compared to the desktop VR store....

Oculus In App Purchases for Unreal

Hey, guys trying to integrate the in app purchases for unreal. I have been trying to understand , there document, but there is not that much of details, there example on Inapp, where the verify that id, does not work, Would like to if anyone has succ...

Oculus stuck on "Loading UE4..." after update

My project has been working great with Oculus since development a couple years ago. Now with the most recent Oculus update, when I launch VR in UE4, inside the Oculus its stuck in the white grid area with a window that shows the UE4 logo and it just ...

mobkon by Level 2
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Crash on every RTX project

Hi, I've built a VR archviz experience using ray tracing for reflections. It was a bit of work to learn how much RTX stuff I could fit in the project while keeping a good FPS rate. I amb very happy with the result and I have had stable versions durin...

Camera fade without Mobile HDR?

I'm trying to do some camera fades for an Oculus Go project in Unreal 4.20 and am unable to find a good way to do so without enabling Mobile HDR. I imagine that would destroy my framerate. What are the options to replace a camera fade in this case? I...

VRex by Level 4
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Black screenshots and video captures

Hi, I recently upgraded from 4.24 to 4.25 and now the screenshots and videos come out black or with several frames black (some are ok). Has anyone run into this issue? Do you guys know how to fix it?Thanks

jawatr by Level 3
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VR Preview with Oculus Quest not working

Hello, I'm just starting out in Unreal with the Oculus Quest, and I got the Launch to work by having it build the apk and install onto the Quest. I learned that the VR Preview is supposed to mirror the scene onto your Oculus Quest so you can test it ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OculusVR plugin settings missing

I found that the settings entry for OculusVR is missing under the Plugin settings section of the project settings [ https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/latest/concepts/unreal-oculus-utilities-window/ ]. I found this related post in the ...

Having problems with OVRLipsync Live Capture

want to realize is to lip-sync my character when someone speak to the mic.Here's my BP: What else I did:1.Add something to my DefaultEngine as follow 2.Rewrite my OVRLipsyncActorComponetBase file, replace the default to my own character's morph targe...

bpeng74 by Level 2
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Export Lipsync Blendshape Animation out of UE4?

Hi,I tried to export a Oculus Lipsync animation from UE4.24. With the sequence recorder it seems that blendshapes are not supported. I want to use the animation later in Houdini, so any data format would be fine. How can I export lipsync data from UE...

fr3dr0 by Level 2
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