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Oculus touch fbx models

Hello!I`m sorry if this question was already asked.Is there an official 3d model for oculus touch controllers? It will be great if these are different models for CV1 and S.

Oculus Go controller inputs on 4.24.3

I'm trying to get the events for the 4.23 and pre input events MotionController (L) Thumbstick Left/Right/Up/DownThe documentation has not been updated, but you can see which inputs I mean:https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/unreal-cont...

Cykyria by Level 3
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Splash screens hang the editor

Hello - I'm trying to get a basic splash screen working in Unreal with Oculus. The sample project is out of date -- it uses nodes that have been deprecated. Those are easily replaced with the suggested new nodes. However, as soon as I launch the VR P...

Oculus Quest Guardian drops 50% performance

I was having several issues with my proyect in Oculus Quest, and now I found that the problem is the Guardian. When my controller touch it, and it shows, my frames drop from 70fps to 35 fps... I turned it off and now I have 70fps stables.Anyone knows...

Unity & Unreal - difference in support?

Is it me or is Unity more active in doing VR and/or getting more support for making VR with Oculus?- hand tracking code for Quest since december 2019. Eta for Unreal?- a VR course by Oculus & Unity - https://learn.unity.com/course/oculus-vr- iteratio...

MaxArch by Level 7
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ue4 keeps crashing

I wanted to convert a project in to a vr project so I copiedthe content of the content folder and pasted it in the content folder of the vr project now ue4 keeps crashingand here is the log

DLeider by Level 2
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UE 4.24 - whats new / improved / broken

Maybe it could be nice to start a new thread every time a new UE version is launched so its easy to catch up for everyone.My observations up to 4.24.0 p2;+ cascaded shadow maps work again when using MobileMultiView (Quest). In 4.23 the shadows were b...

MaxArch by Level 7
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Oculus multiplay matchmaking crash on LIVE channel

I've succeeded to play multiplay games of listen server type on ALPHA.On LIVE channel(the app is released on oculus store), Host side doesn't have problems.But Guest side has occured crash even though the app is exactly same build between ALPHA and L...

JinuOh by Level 3
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UE4 Linux Server

Looking in to setting up a dedicated UE4 server for our game with Oculus OSS support but it seems Linux is not a supported platform. Am I taking crazy pills? We have Android support but not Linux? What am I supposed to do here? A Windows server? Who ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Entitlement Failed

Hi all, Working on an oculus go game, i'm stuck for about 2 days with the "verify entitlement" node. I tried to find answers in forum, but none seemed to work for me / I started a brand new project in Unreal with C++ activated. Here is the log messag...

Oculus Go with UE4 game nothing works

I can launch the game from UE4 to the Go without issue but when the game opens on the Go it doesn't work. The splash screen is split to where it looks like its showing two images to each eye and not combining into one image (I hope that makes sense)....

Online *** Oculus Interface Ptr Private?

The file OnlineSubsystemOculus.h contains FOnline***OculusPtr objects, but they're private and the accessor methods return the parent IOnline***Ptr object. Is the functionality defined in those classes not supposed to be used (except internally) or d...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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WriteAchievementProgress Failure

I've created Achievements and queried WriteAchievementProgress, but it always returns Failure.Even though I released the same app on Steam store and it works well.What shoud I check?

JinuOh by Level 3
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Error: Fetching Voip PCM Data

I am trying to gain low level access to Voip data so I can potentially either record the incoming and outgoing voip data separately or potentially combine it and I have been able to successfully integrate voip into my project using the sample StartVo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lipsync From Other Means

Hello there, I am new to the forum, and working on a project currently for my Final Year Project in college.I am trying to build a virtual assistant which maps the output from a dialog system to the mouth movements of a model I have designed.Currentl...

Luandry by Level 2
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UE4 switch eye rendered to spectator screen

Hi there, I'm working with a DK2 in unreal engine, and I really need to figure out how to change which eye is rendered to the single eye spectator screen so that I can record some footage. There are a few modes which show both eyes, but all the singl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Does anyone in the world understand how this function works? I am currently working on a Virtual Assistant which is (eventually) going to Synchronise the Audio Output from Google's DialogFlow to the Mouth Movements of a Hyper-Realistic Model. I have ...

Luandry by Level 2
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