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WriteAchievementProgress Failure

I've created Achievements and queried WriteAchievementProgress, but it always returns Failure.Even though I released the same app on Steam store and it works well.What shoud I check?

JinuOh by Level 3
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Error: Fetching Voip PCM Data

I am trying to gain low level access to Voip data so I can potentially either record the incoming and outgoing voip data separately or potentially combine it and I have been able to successfully integrate voip into my project using the sample StartVo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lipsync From Other Means

Hello there, I am new to the forum, and working on a project currently for my Final Year Project in college.I am trying to build a virtual assistant which maps the output from a dialog system to the mouth movements of a model I have designed.Currentl...

Luandry by Level 2
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UE4 switch eye rendered to spectator screen

Hi there, I'm working with a DK2 in unreal engine, and I really need to figure out how to change which eye is rendered to the single eye spectator screen so that I can record some footage. There are a few modes which show both eyes, but all the singl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Does anyone in the world understand how this function works? I am currently working on a Virtual Assistant which is (eventually) going to Synchronise the Audio Output from Google's DialogFlow to the Mouth Movements of a Hyper-Realistic Model. I have ...

Luandry by Level 2
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Oculus quest no Sturtup loading splash screen

Hello, i tried to add default loading screen when app only opened, but i cannot see the splash screen i tried a lot but on start not works.. With the blueprints yes all work and ok, but not from OculusVR plugin on startup apk in the Oculus Quest.I do...

FeroxD by Level 4
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[Go] UE4 Voice Capture ?

I'm developing a speech recognition funcionality for my project but i've noticed that unreal engine is not detecting any microphone in the oculus go thus not being able to capture microphone data.I've tried with both the new and the old audio engines...

Wertiz by Level 2
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Oculus Go entitlement check is always failed

Hello,I am developping an oculus go application by using Unreal Engine 4.20.3. I've recently added the Verify entitlement blueprint node just after my beginPlay event in order to fulfill oculus requirements. I included the Oculus online subsystem 1.2...

Beginner, input button press question

I have been looking into this for the past couple of days (I promise i have not lazely come straight to a forum with the first problem i came across).The Doll in this image has an animation which begins to cycle when you press play. (It spins, animat...

FIXED Oculus version of Unreal lighting error.

Hello, i downloaded the Oculus unreal engine 4.24 (https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine/tree/4.24) for developing with the splash screens or loading screens in Oculus quest. But i have the lighting issue i cannot build lighting with that eror:5:...

FeroxD by Level 4
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Error when Packaging in UE4 4.22.2

I am struggling to try to get a basic package to deploy with my new Quest. I am new to mobile VR development and was trying to start deploying just using the TouchSample project provided in the Oculus UE4 Source Branch. Below is my error I am running...

Oculus Quest adb devices empty.

Hello, i can build UE4 project for my phone, create APK but i cannot see my Oculus Quest in the console (cmd "adb devices").. I saw it one week ago and on developer mode, installed Oculus ADB GO drivers. But for now i cannot see my Quest device, mb a...

FeroxD by Level 4
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Dynamic Shadow?

Who knows how to get a Dynamic Shadow working when deploying to the Quest [no Link Cable use]?a simple plane [floor] + cube [rotating].One Direct Light --> Dynamic Shadows are set to TrueIt works when using Oculus Quest and the Link Cable [using the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Vulkan and HDR on Quest actually possible?

So far the recommendation is to turn off Mobile HDR but I keep reading this articles online referencing that Vulkan would allow for Mobile HDR on the Quest, for example, quoting from https://venturebeat.com/2019/08/10/unreal-engine-now-supports-vulka...

[UE4][BP]I can't use Oculus Touch nodes

I using UE4 ver4.24.2Already Enable Plugin:Oculus VR (including Oculus Input plugin) but I can't find Oculus touch's BluePrint node ( example:"MotionController(R)Thumbstick")no exist,why???I trying 2 days of all.but,I can't.Please somebody help me..