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"Sever Error" when uploading build to Quest

Hey everyone, I have been trying to upload the built to Quest for a while, but every time when I started uploading, this message came up: "Server error occurred. The request will be retired" (see image below) I have contacted Oculus support many time...

photo_2021-11-03 15.14.14.jpeg

no friend list got since 01.March.2021

hi,my friend list query worked fine until 01.March evening (EU time), and since that it provides empty arrays, and invitable friend list results always in only a 1 element array.is there any Oculus back-end change or error, or new permissions are int...

UE 4 Audio Engine performance on Quest 2

Hi all, I’m curious as to the real-world implications of moving audio-intensive Unreal projects onto Quest 2. In particular, would it be worth the effort to build an Unreal audio plugin doing physical modeling for Unreal Engine to run it on Quest 2 o...

Ocullus Application for android

Hello everyone.I'm facing a really weird bug in oculus application for android devices.I have 6 oculus devices and I'm developing a project using unreal engine 4 everything was normal until sudelly my oculus device all of them refuse to connect with ...


Crashing on Join Session for build with Oculus Go

Hello,I'm working on a multiplayer project for the Oculus Go (Using Unreal 4.21 Launcher version). I've been able to create a build and upload it to the store for alpha. I can host a session on one Oculus Go just fine. And the second can search and f...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[QUEST 2] Can't get the friend list

Hello, I'm trying to get the current list of connected friends. I'm working with two Oculus Quest 2 headsets with different Facebook accounts. The 2 accounts are friend with each other. My starting point is the Oculus SDK Unreal sample (V 28.0), I'm ...

Optimization through Device Profile

We successfully launched the game on Quest 2, but it has a lot of issues with optimization and graphics. We trying to make an optimization through Device Profile for Android in UE4 (because we want to maintain both PC and Quest versions in one projec...

VRMighty by Honored Guest
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Unreal Engine Niagara Collision support

Hi there,I'm wondering.. Probably someone knows.. Is it possible to use Unreal Engine Niagara with collision enabled? When I'm trying to turn it on, Niagara particles simply dissappear in my scene. I've tried bunch of different setting but it simply ...

New UE version 4.27 - changes / issues

New UE version 4.27.0 - As before, I think its useful to put the changes / issues in one topic for an easy overview and to reduce wasting time trying to solve (known) issues. 210821 Just started testing so a short list:- The official GPU lightmass is...

MaxArch by Heroic Explorer
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