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Unreal 4.27 Arm64 crash on start for Quest 2

Trying to finish off a game for app lab.The shipping-for-distribution build crashes on start up for the arm64 build.The arm7 build loads fine."Cause: execute-only (no-read) memory access error; likely due to data in .text."From what I can tell, this ...

Help with setup on MacOS Ventura

I am new to developing for Meta Quest. I followed the documentation on how to setup my headset, developer account, downloaded the Oculus 4.27 Unreal Engine source code and built it successfully. Also setup Android SDK and NDK as documentation describ...

5.0 Feature Parity with 4.27

In the 5.0 release https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/unreal-engine-5-integration it mentions:The Oculus integration SDK for UE5 is not yet at feature-parity with the UE 4.27 integration. We recommend UE 4.27 for active app development. T...

Resolved! How To Get Leaderboard Working in Unreal Engine?

I'm using UE 4.26, and following the documentation here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/native/ps-leaderboards/I set up the leaderboard on the app:This is how I write to the leaderboard in BP:This is how I read from the leaderboard in BP:...

leaderboard_screenshot.png leaderboard_write_bp.png leaderboard_read_bp.png leaderboard_no_entries_found.png
faetell by Level 3
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Weird artifacts when moving head

Hey, can anyone explain why everything gets distorted like this when I move my head around, initially I thought this was ASW but the framerate is a consistent 72 so it shouldn't kick in? It only happens in UE4 and not in UE5 but I'm not ready to upgr...

Khena_B by Level 2
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UE5.1 6K Video Vulkan Performance Issues

Since 4.27 if you try and play a 6K video with Vulkan there is a big performance drop unusable. In 4.27 I managed to get our app to run with OpenGL but in 5.1 I haven’t managed to do that using OpenXR. My understanding is to use Vulkan as much as pos...

Gerfeso by Level 2
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GPU Lightmass and VR problem

Hello! This is my first VR proyect and I baked the light with GPU Lightmass. I used the Unreal VR template and added raytrace and virtual texture for the GPU Lightmass but all my meshes are black in my meta quest 2. Does anybody know what can this be...

UDP / LiveLink Data for Quest

Does anyone have any info regarding the proper settings to get livelink enabled and streaming for a compiled quest package? I'm assuming that unreal needs to be properly configured in the udp messaging settings, but I'm running into issues getting my...

Trying to upload rift app but get a server error

Hi , I'v met server error issue while tring to upload an rift app. Logs are written to: C:\Users\wzspdw\AppData\Local\Temp\oc_cli_5044897465587957_2022-06-18T03-23-07-986Z.log **************************************************************************...

wzspdw by Level 2
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Supported Meta Quest devices option Disabled

I am using the 1.78 MetaXR plugin with stock Epic 5.0.3 Launcher engine. According to docs,"The Supported Meta Quest devices option in the Meta XR Plugin settings allows additional devices to be selected if unavailable in the Android Platform's Packa...

[UE4]no voice input on Quest1/2 voip

I get no input from mic when i start voip.i used the sample sdk to implement voip into my project.i enabled "Add permission to support Voice chat" in project settings, have voice enabled in DefaultEngine.ini(both [voice] and [OnlineSubsystem]). On th...

Quest Pro face tracking Unreal Engine SDK

Hello,We are planning to develop an Unreal Engine game using the Quest Pro face tracking. To do so, could we use the Avatars 2.0 Codec so that the facial expressions of the original avatars of our game will faithful to those of the players? If so, wh...

Ghosting, while AppSW activated.

I have a bit of a ghosting problem on the quest 2, while Application Space Warp is activated.As seen in the picture, i have an simple spline-Mesh comming out of the controller with a plane-mesh positioned at the end.If i move, i get a strong ghosting...

7911.jpg Ghosting.png

How do I scan for Bluetooth LE devices?

I have an Unreal app that needs to connect to BLE devices. During development I was using ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission but later discovered this is not allowed on the Oculus store. So I modified the app to use the recommended CompanionDeviceManage...