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Packaged app does not start, black screen

Hello,I am working with UE 5.3.2 on Windows 10 deploying on Oculus Quest 2. I packaged and installed the app I am developing. After installation the app does not start. I run it from Unknown sources, it never changes the view to the game view.It eith...

prusio by Honored Guest
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Unreal Engine Setup for Meta Quest VR

Creating this thread to facilitate easier tracking. The latest guide covers Unreal Engine version 5.3.2 and Meta XR Plugins version 62.https://dev.epicgames.com/community/learning/tutorials/3Vx6/unreal-engine-5-3-2-for-meta-quest-vrAny issues, ping m...

innit by Protege
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quest3+metaXR+ue5.3.2=just one eye

I am writing a **Quest 3** **headset program** with **passthrough** in **Unreal Engine 5.3.2**. The headset and plugin versions are both **V62**. However, I'm encountering an issue: if I only use **MetaXR**, I can only see a **black background and re...

Bat (attached to controller) Collision Issue

Game: The Final OversApp Lab Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3753844808017398/Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26 Short overview of the game: it's a Cricket game where the player (batsman) is supposed the hit the ball with the bat (attache...

Multimodal in Unreal 5?

The only documentation I can find on multimodal setup is for Unity and for the Quest pro... is there any way to set up Multimodal on Unreal 5 with the Quest 3?

Mofu-san by Honored Guest
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Oculus subsystem plugin depreciated?

Hi, When I was trying to package my project for unreal engine 5.3, it says that the oculus subsystem plugin is depreciated. -PackagingResults: Warning: 'OCULUS_SUBSYSTEM' is deprecated: OnlineSubsystemOculus has been deprecated and will be removed Pl...

Resolved! MetaXR plugin broken in Unreal Engine 5.4

The MetaXR plugin is broken for the latest on ue5-main branch (commit 7b00eca). Some part of the core VR integration was changed by Epic. Even though it should all be going through OpenXR.A beta MetaXR plugin for UE 5.4 would be nice.

Niagara crashing quest 3 ue5.2

I bought a niagara effect on the marketplace and I'm in contact with the dev to try and fix this issue but I'd like to know if anyone has a fix for it. I'm using 5.2. building for Android. I can build and play my game but if I add in the bp with the ...

Lagging screen problem resolved

Just for sharing my experience concering lagging screen problem occurred with my Zenbook duo 14 pro: if I put my fan to whispermode (silent mode), meta quest 2 pc link will start to flash. If I put it into Standard or Performance mode, the problem wa...


Resolved! Creating custom Hand gestures

Hello,I want to create some custom hand poses that should be recognised by the enhanced input component System. I Have found this video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkDEb282kII) but there he prerecords and loads the gestures to the han...

Maghton by Explorer
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Missing Passthrough Scenario

TLDR: I want the quality of Reconstructed Passthrough with the flexibilty of Overlay and AddSurfaceGeometry, but I don't believe that is currently possible. I've been exploring the capabilities of the Passthrough on Quest 3 using Oculus branch of Unr...