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Oculus Avatars in a multiplayer session

Some months ago you released Oculus Avatar SDK for Unreal.With it you also released a sample project which shows how to spawn local and remote avatars (classes ALocalAvatar and ARemoteAvatar). The same project does a sort of package recording for rep...

Get Oculus Go unique ID on Unreal

Hello,I'm trying to get a unique ID offline on the Oculus Go that can be persistant between resets or at least between oculus updates. I was using at first the Persistent Unique Device ID from the Mobile Utils Plugin Project(https://forums.unrealengi...

Question about the unreal-quick-start-guide-go

https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/latest/concepts/unreal-quick-start-guide-go/In the step 13 it mentions about , which is no longer to be seen in the latest version of unreal engine.Is there anything I have to do in order to complete ...

Help Needed in CheckForExtraneousFiles

Hey All,I'm getting to the final stages of getting the build of my game towards the Oculus Store. I'm running the VRC Validator and everything's looking promising, however, I'm encountering issues when it comes to the CheckForExtraneousFiles test. I'...

Zippyo3 by Level 2
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360 video - doesn't play on GearVR

Hello, I got a simple project request to make a 360 video player for GearVR headset, I simply started to work on with 4.21 release and I realize it doesn't work, the video stays black, after multiple attempts I realize the release doesn't work and wo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[UE4] Test map won't launch on Oculus Go

Hello everyone, I'm trying to test a blank project on an Oculus Go headset, but once UE4 finishes the build, it doesn't launch on the Go, and all I get is the warning about updating the Oculus app. The Android SDK is installed and updated to the late...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can Someone Help Me With VOIP Setup in 4.19

I am confused about where and how I am supposed to use the voip methods to register a player as a remote talker in a session. I am assuming that When a player logs in, I should get that players ID and register them as a remote talker on the server. I...

Oculus Audio SDK Unreal Integration

Hello, I was very hyped by the technology presented for the new audio SDK and wanted to use it in Unreal. I installed the engine from the Oculus branch on github. (so it's 4.21 + 1.34)But it seems like its not working ... At least the propagation par...

How do I set the new manifest settings?

Up until somewhere in January, I was able to upload the by Unreal generated apk's without issues. Since then, there seem to have been added a few new requirements:android:debuggable (checked the Intermediate/APK/AndroidManifest.xml, it is set to 'tru...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Dedicated server with Oculus Voice

Hello!SculptrVR multiplayer currently runs on dedicated servers in the cloud. I want to use Oculus voice in this setup.Right now when I try to open a voice connection with another player it connects, but then never receives any data and times out. I ...

vr.PixelDensity 2 - distorting the view

Hello, I made an application for GearVR, I have jsut switched to S9 from S8, hoping to get a little better performance, evertything works great but I have one critical issue with vr.PixelDensity, whatever I put any number, it's distorting the image a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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