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quest app failed to load UE 5.1 VRE

Hi i am able to package the build and run using the vr preview however when i try installing the app on meta quest pro headset it shows loading black screen with three dots i changed a few settings as earlier it was saying that OBB file not found the...

no friend list got since 01.March.2021

hi,my friend list query worked fine until 01.March evening (EU time), and since that it provides empty arrays, and invitable friend list results always in only a 1 element array.is there any Oculus back-end change or error, or new permissions are int...

Multimodal in Unreal 5?

The only documentation I can find on multimodal setup is for Unity and for the Quest pro... is there any way to set up Multimodal on Unreal 5 with the Quest 3?

Mofu-san by Honored Guest
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Shadows on 4.27

I cannot seem to get CSM shadows working at all. I have tried a stationary directional light with modulated shadeows. I have tried a movable directional light. Has anyone had any luck getting shadows on 4.27? Much Thanks for any tips/advice

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Oculus Body tracking is laggy after app is waken up

Dear guys,It seems a bug for bodytracking in Unreal engine 5.3.2. 1. I download the demo from oculus sample github (unity + unreal) and test them.https://github.com/oculus-samples/Unreal-Movementhttps://github.com/oculus-samples/Unity-Movement2. buil...

swang81 by Protege
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How to change the color space in UE

In the Meta Plugin UE 5.3.2, I've noticed an issue with the color rendering in the headset—it seems that yellow appears as orange.I've been following the guidelines regarding color space outlined here: .https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unre...

swang81 by Protege
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No OBB found and no store key to try to download

Hello, when meta tested my app and also testing in my android I had this message: No OBB found and no store key to try to download.But when I manually install an OBB in the created OBB folder for my game, the error disappears, but what I need is for ...

Shumaro21 by Honored Guest
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quest3+metaXR+ue5.3.2=just one eye

I am writing a **Quest 3** **headset program** with **passthrough** in **Unreal Engine 5.3.2**. The headset and plugin versions are both **V62**. However, I'm encountering an issue: if I only use **MetaXR**, I can only see a **black background and re...

Need Support: Replicating Full Body Tracking

Ok, so Full Body Tracking in Multiplayer is a huge must.I have been attempting to crack it, and I have, but with a major caveat. It lags hardcore because it's flooding the network. (it's a lot of data)I will share here how I successfully get it to re...

Aeromixx_0-1713210711231.png Aeromixx_1-1713211307365.png Aeromixx_2-1713211669095.png Aeromixx_0-1713212142292.png
Aeromixx by Expert Protege
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Packaged app does not start, black screen

Hello,I am working with UE 5.3.2 on Windows 10 deploying on Oculus Quest 2. I packaged and installed the app I am developing. After installation the app does not start. I run it from Unknown sources, it never changes the view to the game view.It eith...

prusio by Honored Guest
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Passthrough with Unreal Engine 5.1.1. underlay

Hello I try to setup a simple AR project that runs on PC with Oculus Link on a Quest Pro with a passthrough background and 3D objects over it. I have followed the official documentation https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/unreal-passthr...

hugoar by Protege
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UE4.27 VR Preview crash when 'play as client'

Hi, I'm developing multiplayer FPS Game and trying to use spacewarp on UE4.I followed Oculus guide here : https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/unreal-asw But when I set 2 players and try to Play VR preview with 'Play as Client' setting i...

STOICENT by Honored Guest
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Passthrough + Bloom?

Has anyone had any luck getting Bloom+Mobile HDR working in a project with a passthrough layer? When I tried enabling it in my project that has passthrough none of my objects showed up.

kampfz by Honored Guest
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Stereo Layer with Cubemaps not working

I tried to get a cube map texture loaded into the stereo layer component (or MetaXRpassthrough component) set to cube map shape, but it is simply not working.Equirectangular works, cylinder and quad of course also work, but not the cube map layer sha...

Greyed out "Support Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering"

Hi all, I would like to use Eye Tracked Forveated Rendering on my game during PCVR AirLink session. Does anybody succeed using it on Unreal 5.1? In project setting, "Support Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering" is greyed out, while "Foveated Rendering Met...

UJ by Explorer
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OculusAnchorsModule warning when packaging

Hi,We are trying to clear up some warnings we are getting during packaging. We are using Unreal_MetaFork4_27_v57.One of the warning we get is the following: "PackagingResults: Warning: Unable to retrieve OculusHMD, cannot add event polling delegates....