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Iap, error 400

Hi everyone,I have published an app in app lab, now in trying to add IAP,When i use developer account and test user create from dev dashboard it work good, when i use organization admin it also work good, but when i use account outside if the organiz...

Spatial Anchors sample project (Create Anchors)

HelloIm using the sample project of SpatialAnchors to test how it works... and when i open the project i see the menu item to choose Create anchors, select etc.... but my problem is when i click on Create Anchors i the anchos always appear on 0,0,0 w...

deimov by Honored Guest
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Greyed out "Support Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering"

Hi all, I would like to use Eye Tracked Forveated Rendering on my game during PCVR AirLink session. Does anybody succeed using it on Unreal 5.1? In project setting, "Support Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering" is greyed out, while "Foveated Rendering Met...

UJ by Explorer
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UE4 Development Questions,crash

Problem Description: The UE4 project uses the Terrain Landscape element, and the project is packaged into Quest 2 for testing. After running for a while, it often crashes (we have tested it ourselves, and there is no such problem when the terrain ele...


Cook/Build Failure in UE5.1.1 using MetaVR Plugin

Hello. I get this error everytime I attempt build an apk for the Quest 1. The build process runs smoothly until the very end when this error shows up.LogObj: Error: LoadConfig (/Script/OculusXRHMD.Default__OculusXRHMDRuntimeSettings): import failed f...

karizzia by Honored Guest
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UE 5.1 - Meta XR 54.0 not showing up

Another day another bad experience with Meta Quest Pro / Unreal EngineI am using Ubuntu and Unreal Engine 5.1.1I downloaded the latest version (54.0) of the Meta XR PluginI put it in the Plugins/Marketplace folder.It does not show up in the project s...

mpgSeb by Explorer
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Textures Unexpectedly Downsized on Quest 2

Background: I have a material that uses an 8K x 4K texture like a cubemap using the LongLatToUV node in UE5.1. There is a user-controlled surveillance camera in a static environment, and rather than render a virtual camera into a render target to dis...

RM1181 by Explorer
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UE app not working anymore

I have created a simple UE5 app for the meta quest pro.It was a nightmare to make it work and get the right configuration.But somehow it worked. After 3 months ... it does not work anymore.It just crashes after the start without any information.No up...

mpgSeb by Explorer
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Quest Recording not Capturing Audio

I'm currently facing an issue with recording sound while using the Media Player in UE4 on the Oculus Quest. I have a project where I'm playing an MP3 file, but when I try to record the screen on the Quest device, the sound doesn't get captured. If an...

Render Scale Issue

Hi,QA has flagged a Render Scale output of 83, failing Meta's 85% requirement.Our set-up:Our device profiles have mobile render Scale set to 0.85.On BeginPlay at runtime, we set vr.PixelDensity to 0.85.We do not have dynamic resolution enabled or any...

MetaXR Plugin for Unreal Engine 5.2

Curious to know general ETA on plugin support for unreal engines 5.2?Have been using 5.2 binary release for a bit, but i haven't seen any info in git or forums about MetaXR official support. Have been using the 5.1 compatible plugin (v53) in the mean...

sporx by Expert Protege
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