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SCALEFORM STATUS -updated July 11th-

Bonjour !I have been using scaleform with "oculus UDK" recently...Guess what ?IT'S NOT WORKING !I cannot render to texture (meaning using a swf as a texture)There is a process, i followed it several timesIt just fraking doesn't work on OCULUS UDK VER...

SpeedTree won't import

Hi all,I was just wondering if this is a bug in the current UDK but I can't seem to import a SpeedTree .srt file at all. Shouldn't it work or is there some new workflow now?

hesham by Level 4
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Pawn Aim Offset, Head Rotation and HMD

Hello everyone.So here's the deal,I have a full custom pawn with a first person camera attached to a socket on the head bone.As you know in UDK to have the pawn mesh animating to where you aim, there are animation frames inside (K_AnimHuman_AimOffset...

rift with hydra

Just saw a video combining the power of rift and hydra(position tracking)while I am patiently waiting for rift and hydra to arrive at my door, I can not wait to see what people can do with them.also here is a link about hydra integration with UDK. ht...

Will the free UDK support Oculus Rift?

I recently downloaded the free version of Unreal 3 Developers Kit and am building out a few test worlds in anticipation for my Oculus arrival. Today I've been reading over the newly released Oculus SDK documentation and found the following line regar...

sobchak by Level 2
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Pawn & HMD Rotation

I'm a little new to UDK and have been trying to figure out how things fit together. I'm having issues trying to figure out what to do to produce the following results:Let's say a player's head is facing 90 degrees and his torso is facing 90 degrees a...

stlava by Level 2
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Disabling Fly / Setting Walk & other questions

Whenever I load up UDK Game and launch into any map, Fly mode is enabled by default. Typing "Walk" into the console never returns me to Walk mode, nor does restarting the map via console. I've only managed to enable Walking by mistake, when the map g...

art by Level 3
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Skewed image when head twists side to side?

When I roll my head side to side (as in, touching my ear to my shoulder) I notice a slight skewing of the image, like some kind of aspect ratio issue. Am I doing something wrong? Does everyone have this issue? It only happens for me in Unreal, not in...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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UDK Shadows Bug

(Posted in here instead of the SDK bugs forum because this specifically relates to UDK)When running certain maps from the Oculus-enabled UDK (uploaded Apr. 1st, 2013) the shadows will be missing from the right view. See the below Youtube video for a ...

tlopes by Level 2
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UDK 2013-03 Unreal FrontEnd Issue

Hey folks  I'm having an issue with building my game for distribution using the UDK 2013-03 frontend. I don't have these issues when I build the game from the last official build though , the issue being that after I successfully build and cook ever...

MrNexy by Level 3
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Temporary workaround for Barrel Distortion bug

There is a bug at the moment where built/cooked UDK demos/games are released, they do not display the Barrel Distortion pixel shader even when using the HMDWARP ON command.To work around this, go to UDK\RiftCoaster\UDKGame\Config\UDKSystemSettings.in...

UDK crash

I know, this should go to the Unreal forums, but I might as well try you guys..The Unreal UDK (editor) just crashes on startup. I tried a complete redownload and reinstall, to no avail. I'm on x64 Win7 - anyone here having the same issue ?

goettel by Level 2
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Learning UDK

Hi all,Does anyone know of any good, current tutorials for complete UDK newbies? And a more immediate question is how do I edit scripts in UDK Editor? Reading the the PDF provide by Oculus, I see references to various classes/objects, like PlayerCont...

Tips for speeding up UDK games?

I would like to demo the Rift with UDK on my work laptop, which has an Nvidia Quadro 3000M, but it is a bit under-powered for games (despite being a high end workstation laptop  ).Running UDKSystemSetting.ini ScreenPercentage=120.000000 runs at 60 F...

UDK - Best Rift experiences I have found

I'll definitely be demoing the Rift for people using UDK, glad I waited. The better graphics add to immersion more than I thought. Some fun things to try:Open and play VCTF-Necropolis in UDK Editor. Beautiful level with alien cathedral looking archit...


Hi all,Has anyone found a setting in an ini file (or anywhere else) that allows the IPD distance to be set? There's a section in UDKEngine.ini called [Engine.Oculus], but there's nothing in it that appears to relate to IPD.Thanks.

UDK and Sweetfx

hey, I have not received my rift yet. Installed UDK today and changed it as suggested in the other thread. Tried Citadel with resolution of rift, blurred compared with full hd. So I put Sweetfx in UDK and changed the LumaSharpen "Sharpens the image, ...