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OculusAnchorsModule warning when packaging

Hi,We are trying to clear up some warnings we are getting during packaging. We are using Unreal_MetaFork4_27_v57.One of the warning we get is the following: "PackagingResults: Warning: Unable to retrieve OculusHMD, cannot add event polling delegates....

Unreal Engine. ENTITLEMENT CHECK Keeps failing

Hi, I am working on a Mixed Reality, shared spaces/anchors project using Unreal Engine 5.3 but the Entitlement check gives me always error. I have the company registered and approved, and the new project created in the Dashboard, all the checks passe...

Resolved! Problem attaching collision component to socket

UE: 4.26.2Quest: 40Hand-tracking only: DefaultI'm making a touchscreen interaction for interacting with widgets with your hands. I get the socket location from the socket name "index tip". Index finger collision When I play preview from unreal everyt...


starting guide to make MR

Hi (noob alert)I'm totally new to passthrough, AR, MR.I've managed to get an apk for the passthrough with the default VR scene in unreal. but other than that everything else is kinda vague to me. could you please give me a reliable source to get me g...

Cannot get Quest 3 Passthrough to work!

So I have been working on this for days now.I am on UE5.3.2 using MetaXR 62.I have passthrough working in VR preview when I disable OpenXR.I then Enable OpenXR for creating a build. Apk will be made successfully, get it on Quest 3 to test, it will lo...

Earthyns by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Unable to change OculusXR Hand component material

Hi all, I'm making a standalone app using hand tracking in UE5.3.2 + MetaXR v.62 plugin, I did get the hand tracking data in app and the tracking looks great-- but it's always using the defualt grey grid material no matter what. Below is the setting ...

Junnn04_3-1711748159220.png Screenshot 2024-03-29 172927.png Junnn04_1-1711747867719.png Junnn04_0-1711747726565.png
Junnn04 by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest 3 GPU Crash

Hi, I am building a Quest VR game with Unreal Engine 4.27 from Meta github Fork. There's random crash from time to time. It seems GPU Management Unit has crashed. Here's a log of what happened. I can't find documentation on what this opcode means.Her...

ljbha007_0-1711934819460.png 20240321-141240.jpg
ljbha007 by Honored Guest
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Bat (attached to controller) Collision Issue

Game: The Final OversApp Lab Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3753844808017398/Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26 Short overview of the game: it's a Cricket game where the player (batsman) is supposed the hit the ball with the bat (attache...

Oculus subsystem plugin depreciated?

Hi, When I was trying to package my project for unreal engine 5.3, it says that the oculus subsystem plugin is depreciated. -PackagingResults: Warning: 'OCULUS_SUBSYSTEM' is deprecated: OnlineSubsystemOculus has been deprecated and will be removed Pl...