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Bluetooth HID device paring issue

We are currently developing a Quest 2-based mix-reality game using Unreal Engine.One of the critical features of this game is to allow the customer to use a physical control unit we build explicitly to perform in-game actions, controls, and tasks in ...

schenr by Level 2
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Build to PCVR

I’m looking to take a basic VR app made in UE5 for Quest and build it instead as a PCVR to run via Link. Eventually we’d like to have different displays on desktop vs HMD (ie: more information would be visible on desktop). is there any documentation ...

dvdsm by Level 2
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Resolved! Problem attaching collision component to socket

UE: 4.26.2Quest: 40Hand-tracking only: DefaultI'm making a touchscreen interaction for interacting with widgets with your hands. I get the socket location from the socket name "index tip". Index finger collision When I play preview from unreal everyt...


Occlusion modes

Hello, We are building a game for the Quest2 and are experiencing significant frame drops at view angles which have a lot of meshes behind a wall. It seems like the dynamic occlusion is taking up a significant amount of time. Our frame times are drop...

UE 5 Oculus VR Plugin // Black Screen

Hi, when I export my .apk file from UE 5.0.1 with Oculus VR Plugin 1.59.0 to the Quest 2 I always just get a black screen with grey loading symbols  The strange thing is that if I switch off the OVR Plugin than it works fine on my Quest 2 How do I g...

UE4.27 VR Preview crash when 'play as client'

Hi, I'm developing multiplayer FPS Game and trying to use spacewarp on UE4.I followed Oculus guide here : https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/unreal-asw But when I set 2 players and try to Play VR preview with 'Play as Client' setting i...

Resolved! VR Preview mode is greyed out

Hello. I'm trying to connect Oculus Quest 2 to Unreal Engine. The glass is connected and active but I still the VR Preview button is greyed out. Do you have any idea how I can fix it? Thank you.

Hal_Kon by Level 2
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App crashing on startup since v39 system update

Hello, we're unable to launch/deploy our app since the v39 system update rollout recently. Using Unreal Engine 4.27.2 vanilla, renderer is Vulkan. Is anybody experiencing similar results? Spoiler (Highlight to read)[2022.04.29-16.46.36:651][208]D/UE4...