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apk not work from App lab

Hello every one !I would like to test my Oculus quest application in App lab. Everything is fine except when I download and run the application, a loading time starts endlessly...I tested my shipping package, it works when I manually install it in my...

[Quest] Recenter event

I would like to add my mechanics to the event related to holding the Oculus Button. Playing through the editor it is easy, because you can bind to HMDRecenteredDelegate, but in a built application it does not work. Is there any way / place in the cod...

Quest 2 Battery Level on Windows Platform

Hi everybody,is there a way for a Windows Build to retrieve the battery level of the Quest 2? I think "Get Battery Level" from the "Optional Mobile Blueprint Library" will only work if you develop a native android app. Using the nodes provided by the...

FPS counter

stat FPS is pretty useless on Quest because it's such a tiny little bit of text. Any one know any other way to get an FPS counter on the quest? Is there some way we can access the value directly through code and pipe it into a widget?

crossmr by Level 4
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Get ASW FPS readout in game

Digging around a bit and I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can get the read out of ASW (ex: 36/72, 60/120 ) while in the game. I know about logcat and OVR metrics tool, but I'd like to have my developer menu show me the readout in the application....

Oculus samples not working

Hi everyone,I am newbie in Oculus programming and Unreal engine programming.I've just tried some samples of Oculus. I've downloaded it from https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine. Branch 4.27. I can create sample project myself base on https://dev...


We're getting consistent crashes on having the quest client join a dedicated server. Not exactly sure why as it was working fine. The log file on the quest is completely unhelpful and seems to contain no crashes of any kind. There is no minidump file...

crossmr by Level 4
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Microphone is super quiet/nonexistent

4.26, trying to get Agora voice plugin working. Was getting great audio back from the desktop but nothing from the quest. I attached an audio component to the character and went back in only to find that even when I'm nearly shouting the audio being ...

crossmr by Level 4
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Problem: shader randomly not working

Hello people. I am currently developing a game for the Oculus Quest 2 and I have a problem with one of my shaders which sometines works and sometimes doesn't (randomly) when launching the game on the device from the editor. I have another shader whic...


Real movement being distorted in Quest 2

Through testing we've identified a weird issue with the quest 2. As per my understanding, 1 unreal unit = 1 cm, so a 9 meter wide square should be 900 units wide. In testing this setup, we've observed the following: We have a calibration method that ...

crossmr by Level 4
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Dealing with blocked ports

Hi all,Any advice on ways to connect a Quest headset to a dedicated server when the Quest headset is on a wifi network that is locked down with a restrictive firewall? Changing the firewall to open ports is not an option. Our servers run on default 7...

daver99 by Level 3
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"Is someone wearing the headset" variable

Hello y'all, TLDR :I'm beginnning in VR development with Unreal, and for a small appplication I need to know if someone wear the headset and the "Is Head Mounted Display Enabled" variable in my blueprint doesn't work with the quest 2. For more detail...