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Creating Custom Swipe Gesture

I am creating an application for quest 3 using unity. I want to implement a custom swipe up hand gesture which will toggle a curved UI canvas using the setActive property. Basically, if I swipe up the menu appears and if I swipe up again the menu dis...

FPS troubles with 5.3.2

Hi everyone! I've recently migrated my 5.1.1 VR project to 5.3.2 and even after weeks of looking into it, the FPS is severely impacted.But here's the catch. It only occurs for one of the maps, and this specific map ran 72 FPS on Quest 2. Now it is do...

Unreal passthrough over Quest Link

Hi there,I am experimenting with Meta Quest 3 and passthrough. I can get it work if I push the project in to the headset however, if I use Quest Link I cannot get the passthrough layer working. Is this possible using quest link? it should be as if I ...

Salvo8984 by Honored Guest
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OVR LipSync Open Source

Meta created a great lip sync tool with OVR LipSync. Looking at how Meta is slowly becoming the Open Source leader, I was wondering if they would ever make this plugin Open Source and let the community develop it further. It seems stuck in limbo. Saw...

TH19k by Explorer
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CollisionCylinder won't follow the camera

After I put the PAWN camera into UE5 and connected it to QUEST LINK. I can simply use a helmet to walk around in a simple scene, within the set game space. But my CollisionCylinder did not produce any actual displacement. So when I made an elevator, ...

Where are project log files

App is crashing on launch on device - how do I get the unreal logs?Have done this before on Quest 2 but cant remember how - isn't there a way to browse files on MQDH or maybe dump via ADB?I just want the log that unreal creates when running on device...

Gamepads not detected when OpenXR is enabled

Hey there,I'm working on a game that requires a gamepad to improve the gameplay. I can confirm that my two bluetooth gamepad are working with compatibles apps, like Xbox Streaming Beta. When OpenXR is enabled, gamepad are not detected and don't send ...

Meta XR Audio SDK plugin Unreal 5.3 reverb

Did anybody get the MetaXRAudio plugin to work with the implemented reverb? I have followed the description here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/meta-xr-audio-sdk-unreal-room-acoustics/ and did only get the spatialization to work p...

lusp by Honored Guest
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MetaXR 60.0 Dynamic Resolution not working?

Hi everyone. I can't seem to make the Dynamic Resolution work in any shape or form using the MetaXR Plugin 60.0 and Unreal 5.3.2 ? I'm testing with the default Unreal VR Template and building for Quest 2 Standalone. Fixed Foveated Rendering works, bu...

jazznazz by Honored Guest
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Release Date of Movement SDK for Unreal v60

I've noticed that the new Movement SDK seems to include leg IK support as I saw in the Unity3D v60 demo. The Unreal Engine Movement SDK sample provides a GitHub link for the Movement SDK, but there appears to be no content when accessing the link. I ...

Unreal Insights Quest 2 UE5

Hello, can anyone confirm they got Insights working with UE5?I followed the instructions that got it working in 4.27 but it just doesn't want to connect in 5.0. Missing a profiler is quite bad. If anyone got it working can you please reply. A simple ...

zenf137 by Explorer
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Resolved! Mixed reality utility kit sample project

Hello, i get this error when i tried to build Mixed reality utilikit sample project in Visual Studio..... Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression StateError MSB3073 The command ""C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.3\Engine\Build\BatchFi...

deimov by Honored Guest
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Can’t join server from oculus quest

I have a ue5 project with a dedicated server I run on a virtual desktop. I always built client and server on windows and I joining the server always went smooth with pcvr. Now I tried to switch to oculus quest so I built the client with android, inst...

Expanding Scene Actors

Hi there,I'd like to expand the use of Scene actors to be able to replace Scene elements with any Blueprint and not be limited to static meshes (eg. I want to be able replace the user's table with a table BP that I can control to open drawers, place ...

Consume Input not working in MetaXR Plugin

I'm working on a MR project on the Quest 3 at the moment and just switched from the OpenXR plugin to the MetaXR one to utilize that functionality and ran into a problem:"Consume Lower Priority Enhanced Input Mappings" - which was working as intended ...

TeamLehre by Honored Guest
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