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Oculus App destroys PC Performance

When I launch my Oculus App, it literally "kills" my PC, meaning, it destroys the performance.I don't understand if this is a CPU or GPU issue, but it's nearly impossible to use any of my applications, once the Oculus App is up and running. Devices:I...

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Crude multiplayer using Chat

If I wanted to do a very simple multiplayer game, i.e. just a sphere representing a player, and use x,y co-ordinates of their position and send through some kind of behind-the-scenes chat, using something like SignalR....would that work? Any one got ...

Hiring Unreal Engine - Python CTO

Hi, we are currently spinning off our product into a startup, based in Italy and Spain, and looking for a rock and roll CTO, with a strong knowledge of Unreal Engine - Python, to hire full time for both taking care of the product - team development. ...

Virtual Reality Project Paid HIRE

Hello I am looking to hire a developer to work alongside my team to develop a custom VR App for Quest 2 . The application is a walkthrough of a few scenes demonstrating a product, with animations, Voiceovers. Anyone interested in working with me plea...

UI plugin

Hello, Can anybody please give me a piece of advice about what plugin to use to create a beautiful UI and to not decrease the frame rate on Oculus? We've tried LGUI, but it decreases the frame rate so it's not possible to achieve 70 FPS, also Coheren...

Getting performance stats within application

Hi,I'd like to access the same performance stats as are given with adb -s %DEVICE% logcat -s "UE4 -s VrApi" but *within* my own application. Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this? Is there any API I could access directly, or (plan B) could I ...

UE4 Multiplayer

Hello all, Has anyone managed to get the online subsystem working between 2 headsets yet ? I have been playing around for around a week and still no luck !. It seems to be to complicated for what it is surely there must be a step by step guide on how...

Oculus Link for VR Preview - (#feature-request)

Hi there,I'm trying to build a game on my mac, but having to build the entire game (sometimes takes hours) everytime I need to test is extremely impractical. I've scoured the internet and tried loads of different setups, but can't, for the life of me...

couch4 by Level 2
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Not sure how to implement VoiP

Been trying to use the docs here but it's not very clear to me. -I don't know how to get `FUniqueNetIdOculus`-Can I connect to a server directly with IP or do I need to go through oculus' multiplayer session system-Is there any good examples online o...

Shadows on 4.27

I cannot seem to get CSM shadows working at all. I have tried a stationary directional light with modulated shadeows. I have tried a movable directional light. Has anyone had any luck getting shadows on 4.27? Much Thanks for any tips/advice

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No Oculus Hand Support in 4.27 Oculus branch?

As title suggests, opening my project (which focuses on hand tracking) in 4.27 causes issues with the hands. At first the hands wouldn't even appear until I switched back to Legacy OVR under the XR API in project settings, but then, after I package a...

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