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osc protocol on oculus quest 2

Hi There!I'm working on a standalone app for Oculus Quest 2 that uses the OSC protocol. When the app receives an osc message it crashes but I have some Internet permissions enabled in the Android Manifest. I think I'm obviously ignoring something.Any...

Depth API Hard and Soft Occlusions

hello! I have downloaded the Oculus Occlusion sample here: https://github.com/oculus-samples/Unreal-OcclusionSampleI am using the 5.2 Oculus branch and I do not have access to the OculusXRFuntionLibraryThere is also no soft occlusion check box in my ...


MetaXR Simulator

I cant make the window MetaXR Simulator appear in Unreal.I followed the tutorial onhttps://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/xrsim-unrealbut the window does not appear, so I cant enable it. Anyone knows how to solve this?I tried using the ful...

Alpha to coverage - how ?!

I have a material set up with Masked blend mode. Somehow it doesn't get MSAA and there is no documentation clearly explaining how to enable alpha to coverage in UE4 for materials that are made for Oculus Quest (Android ES3.1 or Vulkan).Any ideas ? Th...

motorsep by Rising Star
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Test configuration crashes during loading video

Hi,I can create a Development build, install it to my Quest 2, and run it just fine. But when I make a Test build, install it, and attempt to run, it crashes early on during our game's loading video, kicking me back to Oculus home. Test builds are im...

AA_DanH by Honored Guest
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Hi, Is there anybody who succeeded using AR with Unreal Engine 5 ? As far as I see from the Unreal forums as well as from youtube, there is pretty much nothing on it. For example, look at this thread on Unreal Forums (from fall 2022): OculusXR Passth...

Unreal Avatars

Hi. Are avatars inside Unreal available? They said this feature would release this year but no annoucement yet. Did I miss something or there isnt anything? Any idea when will come?Thanks

UE 5.2 Meta XR plugin for OSX?

We are also using Macs for UE development, and would like to know if there are any plans of releasing an OSX version of the Meta XR plugin. As it is now developing for Quest 2/3 is restricted to Windows and PC, right?Thanks.

lurig33 by Honored Guest
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Disable boundary for MR apps

Hi, I have been messing around a big with creating an MR app with passthrough and the Scene API in UE5.2.1. One thing I have noticed is that even though the scene has been set up the user is still prompted to make a guardian when stepping outside the...

Automated Lighting for MR

With the Quest 3, since user's are scanning their environments, is there a way to convert that automatically to an HDRI that can correctly light Virtual Objects and Characters? Is there already a way to do this?

TH19k by Explorer
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Oculus Branch For Unreal 5.3

Any eta on an 5.3 oculus branch? For a new project using MetaXR v57, is it better to go with the github engine integration or just use the plugin zip file? What does the engine integration give you that is not in stock 5.2.1?Thanks for any feedback

[UE4]no voice input on Quest1/2 voip

I get no input from mic when i start voip.i used the sample sdk to implement voip into my project.i enabled "Add permission to support Voice chat" in project settings, have voice enabled in DefaultEngine.ini(both [voice] and [OnlineSubsystem]). On th...

Does OpenXR have "OS Splash Screens"

The oculus documentation mentions configuring an OS Splash Screen in the project settings, but the OpenXR plugin does not seem to have anything equiavalent in its documentation and only shows blueprint. If I use the blueprint nodes I'm worried it wil...


We tried rolling onto the UE branch 5.2.1, and on a fresh engine setup and install, when we use the latest UE5 Platform SDK, our APK crashes before running. Has anyone had success with setting up their leaderboards? We're building for Quest 2. https:...

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