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maintain an up to date list of android sdk, ndk, jdk, android studio version for each UE version

I spent hours and hours trying to get my project to build because the information given on the Unreal website was incorrect, and meta don't provide it at all.  For example, this page Android Development Requirements For Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.4 Documentation | Epic Develope... suggests skd33 is needed, but that produces a gradle build failure.

Rather than thousands of people struggling, have one member of your staff ascertain and provide the correct information for each editor version (unreal/unity).  Make it simple in the following format (with description and links), for example:

UE 5.3.2

Software to install

  1. Unreal Engine Launcher/Unreal engine (game engine)
    Download Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine
  2. Meta quest developer hub (Meta XR unreal plugin requires this to see headset, allows you to turn off headset boundaries and proximity sensor, enable  upload of apps to meta and headset, analyze performance, set paths (not sure when this software needs to use those paths))
    Meta Quest Dev Center - Meta Quest Developer Hub (
  3. Meta Quest Link software (needed for vr preview in editor.  Overly confusing why we need this as well as the devloper hub.  It would be better if the developer hub was able to link without the need to install and run this additional software, it has a link button already)
  4. Android studio flamenco 2022.2.1 (allow the user to install the necessary android tools and libraries, and specify the versions to use)
    Android Studio download archives  |  Android Developers
  5. JDK 17.0.6 (provides java libraries used for building the game prior to deployment)
    Older Releases of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK | Microsoft Learn
  6. Meta XR plugin for Unreal (Partial unreal engine configuration + build options)
  7. Oculus app for iphone/android (allows you to turn on developer mode on the quest (I think that's all it's for, not sure why that can't just be done on the headset without the app..))


Android studio (projects tab -> more actions -> SKD Manager)








Meta Quest Developer Hub (devices tab)

  • Turn on ADB over wifi if you're launching your game to the headset over air link instead of usb
  • Turn on Link to headset if you're using the link software to VR Preview the level directly in the editor without building/launching.  Specify the relevant method (wired/over air).


Meta Quest Link Software

Enable unknown sources and click 'set meta quest link as active'




Meta XR plugin


Once downloaded, inside unreal engine, choose edit, plugins, virtual reality (at the top), then enable.


To set up go to:


then click apply all next to required and recommended (restart when prompted)



Configure Unreal to use the installed components (edit project settings)

(paths may be different dependant on provider)



This is the first time I've done this, so I may have missed something, or put something in the wrong order, but you get the idea.



I made a guide a while ago that covers all of these interesting details. I linked it in the other thread, half the challenge is getting Android set up. In UE5.4.x, some of the obstacles have been reduced on Epic's side (mostly bug fixes), looking forward to Meta's plugin update.

Thanks, I did actually end up following your guide over there, but I still think it would be better if Meta maintained a definitive guide for each unreal version, because there were several conflicting guides on the Unreal website.  It's also in Meta's interest to make game development for their hardware easier.


Yes, but they don't soo... 🙂

Hmm, I posted this in the 'make a great suggestion' topic.  Perhaps it's been moved here.

You've made an excellent post and apparently they don't like suggestions.