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"Is someone wearing the headset" variable

Level 2

Hello y'all,



I'm beginnning in VR development with Unreal, and for a small appplication I need to know if someone wear the headset and the "Is Head Mounted Display Enabled" variable in my blueprint doesn't work with the quest 2.


For more details :

I'm trying to develop a small 3DoF application. It's an empty world where the user arrive, a sphere (used almost like a skybox) is showing a stereoscopic 360 video, but i'd like to add some controls over the video without using the quest's controllers. I'd like to be able to detect if the headset detect a face to launch the video and if not, rewind and pause the video at the beginning, waiting for a new face to launch the video.

Do you have any ideas ?

I'm using Unreal 4.27 and the oculus quest 2 and if more technical details about my project is needed i'll add it on demand


Level 2

Hello again, i found a way to work around "Is Head Mounted Display Enabled" and it's checking the "Get HMDWorn State" ( ) in case anyone got the same problem.
Good luck to y'all