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360 Photos and Cinema recommended media content specs?

For the Gear VR versions of these apps there are developer content documentation documents available with for example the maximum image size for panorama photos and which filenames need to be used with the Cinema app.

Are the specs for the CV1 version the same, or can we use other dimension/resolution content with the PC version?

And what codecs (especially audio) can be used? Is there a document available that will explain this?

Just to give an update to my own post: it seems that at least the 360 Photos app is based on the same code as the Gear VR app, and that you are limited to the same low resolution local images as on the Gear VR.

So the max equirectangular panorama file you can use is 4096x2048. Anything over that is downsizes quite crudely. And the maximum cubemap image size is the same 1536x1536 pixels. 

With the cubemap containing more pixels you get a (slightly) higher image quality than the equirect image.

(for Gear VR media limitations, see this developer doc: ).

Isn't it weird that you cannot use higher resolution images on the Oculus Rift CV1? We don't have the heat and GPU power limitations as on mobile, so why limit the image quality?

Another thing I noticed was that when displaying equirectangular images in 360 Photos, the top/bottom (nadir/zenith) are distorted. Take a look at this comparison:

It is a bit hard to see at these low res screencaptures (left eye only), but take a look at the lines in between the planks. On the cubemap the lines are sharp and straight, but on the equirect pano the lines are wobbly and unsharp.

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