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Level 2
I know everyone is doing 1st person, but personally I prefer a 3rd person view, so I've been prototyping 3rd person control schemes with free Unity assets. However, I have a hard time evaluating my own control scheme because I'm immune to motion sickness. I scuba dive and have been on boats where everyone was throwing up and I was perfectly fine. Anyway, here's an orbit camera with free look. The orientation of the player always faces the character, but the player can also free look at the same time.

Can you guys give this a try and provide some feedback? Is it comfortable or does it make you sick?

Use mouse and WASD. Space to jump. Esc to quit.



Level 2
I gave it a go for about 5 minutes, that looks like it'll make someone sick pretty quickly.

I do get nauseous from the Rift, although I have worked out what to do and not to do to minimize the effects. The way the camera rotates around behind the character is disorienting. Not sure how else you could do it though.

Level 3
i just feel honestly it works best if you have the veiw first person for the Rift as otherwise it feels a little weird when "lookng around" 😛 if you are going to do 3rd person with the Rift then i think if all possible make it OPTIONAL.

Level 2
Thanks for the feedback. Would it make you less sick if the character model was an incredibly sexy female in a skimpy outfit? 😉

I figured some people might have issues with a camera zooming around the main character. Maybe I need to tweak the mouse sensitivity, or restrict the camera motion in the y axis.

Level 2
"uclatommy" wrote:
Thanks for the feedback. Would it make you less sick if the character model was an incredibly sexy female in a skimpy outfit? 😉

It wouldn't hurt. 😉

I think the part that confuses my brain so much about the third-person element is that it's such an omniscient view point. I think it would take some getting used to in order to spend any larger amount of time looking around in the 3rd person. That said, a sexy female character should help with my motion sickness. Get on that, please. 😉

Level 2
One who is a bit worse than fairly susceptible to motion sickness here...

Contrary to your other feedback, your demo turns out to be one of the *least* stomach-churning out there, to me (save for Proton Pulse) and the third person view and camera/character control scheme works beautifully.

While the orbiting camera results in the environment zipping past rather speedily, that causes me no problem whatsoever -- I can imagine a couple of reasons:

- It probably helps significantly, that you have the fixed visible orbit point (character) anchoring the spatial awareness of the (moving) viewer.

- Having the camera set back a small distance, also provides an slightly wider view, which cancels out the effects of the panning speed and gives double motion references (floor, far and near of the orbit point).

- Unlike many other demos - predominantly first person ones and the Tuscany demo in particular - I do not get any "blurring" or "busy antpile" effect when turning. This /could/ be due to those other demos having motion blur or something switched on, or improper scaling/distortion, but I find it more likely to be connected with the two points above, with the foreground object giving you better spatial and focal reference, making you less likely to see /only/ the far environment "scrolling" past you, and consequently becoming disoriented by the discrete motion "jumps", between frames (whereas your eyes are trying to track something that /should/ be moving smoothly, rather than alternately lag behind and jump ahead) and possibly also taking away attention from the fixed "mask" that is the "screendoor effect", which likely otherwise exacerbates that matter.

Good job! 🙂

Level 9
Playing third person in the Rift doesn't bother me at all. Variety is the spice of life!

I'll give it a shot when I get home tonight.

Level 2
So I switched out my model and I'm trying a sexy female. Through the process I learned that rigging a model is a pain in the ass. I have a newfound respect for 3d artists that can rig and skin their models.

Anyway, I"ve got a female model with some nice jugs, but I'm having trouble with boob physics. The boobs are rigged with 3 bones. I've tried using colliders, spring joints, character joints, and hinge joints with spring. The last one seems to give better results when they don't cave in on themselves.

I'm finding that all these methods are pretty unstable. Is this even the right approach? I really don't want to try to model this with fluid equations.

Here's an image of how the bones are setup:

Here's a shot of her fully textured:

Can anyone offer tips on the best way to set this up in Unity? What joint types or collider types work best? What are good parameters to get reasonably realistic physics?

I'm super confused about the unity widgets for twist and swing on their character joints. I can't tell what they mean. Is it the axis of rotation or what?

Press b to toggle boob physics. (you'll be disappointed)
The n button is for adults only. Press it if you are a horny adult male or a female who is easily amused by testosterone-driven shenanigans

Level 2
Well, either your and my defintion of "sexy female" differ greatly, or you just linked your old demo in your last post. 😉

Aside from that it works great with two exceptions:

There is a serious fish eye effect going on at the edges of the screen.
You don't seem to capture the mouse pointer, which means as soon as someone with a multi monitor setup clicks, he is thrown to the desktop.

Level 2
"uclatommy" wrote:

As a 13 year-old male stuck in a 31 year-old's body, I'm both pleased and eager to try your demo with the new 'assets' but it looks like your links to the dropbox from your post above are for your original demo.

Side note: After a couple of days, I'm actually getting quite used to the 3rd person perspective. I think since 99% of my experiences in the rift had been first person, I was a little 'input-shocked' to have an orbital view of the player. It's gotten much easier on my brain since then, at least from my experience. That said, the concept has a lot of promise, and is really one of the more fun demos to putz around with, even without the T&A DLC. 😉

Excellent work, really.