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A Fisherman's Tale (Review)

Level 15
I recently completed this lovely little adventure title, and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys the puzzle solving genre.

Fisherman's Tale isn't overly complex (although I was mildly stumped on at least 2 occasions) compared to some of the more renowned Puzzle/Adventure games in history, such as Riven. But that doesn't take away from the enjoyment factor of this VR Experience. This isn't so much a "game" as it is a "cinematic story-telling" event.

By the time I reached the end, I instantly had an image of one of my favorite childhood classic stories: Pinocchio


In this title, you are not only taking on the role of a puppet, but you are also spending a lot of time "lost at sea." The Pinocchio theme is strong in this adventure.

As far as the VR Options are concerned, the options are short and sweet:
  • Enable Hints. I recommend disabling this in order to have a more challenging experience. Although keeping Hints in the game allows the background narrator to walk you through puzzles in a way that does enhance the overall storytelling aspect.
  • VR Movement. The primary three VR options are available: Roomscale, Standing, Seated. I used Roomscale so that I didn't have to rely on Teleportation for every little movement.
  • Teleportation. There is no option to remove this feature. You have to use Teleportation but luckily the game is built around it and the play area is quite small; so the impact to your experience is minimal. On top of which you can still move freely if you have Roomscale enabled.

In this experience, you are taking on the role of a Puppet who controls another Puppet. I loved the subtle implementation of "strings" on your VR Hands:


What is 100% unique to this experience (unlike anything else I've experienced in a game before) is that there are levels of Inception here. You control a puppet in your own space, and in a small space, and in a larger space. And this perspective changes! Sometimes you are in the middle space controller the Smaller and Larger version of yourself. Other times you are in the largest space controlling both Puppets two levels down. Pure Inception!


Getting used to this level of Inception was a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed. I lost count of how many times I said, "What... WTF?" as I tried to coordinate my movements between my other avatars.

As for the puzzles themselves, they span the full spectrum of adventure titles: find clues, put pieces together, pull levers, etc.



One of my favorite points in the game is when I had to enter a large Fish's mouth in order to travel:


Personally, this was a fantastic nod to one of my early 2016 VR Experience with the title, Time Machine; where getting up close an personal with a large fish-mouth was commonplace:



What I also found unique about this title is that the cinematic breaks (where the gameplay pauses and the player watches a video to advance the story) is that the videos were quite immersive. I enjoyed being out at sea watching a storm and tidal waves come towards me!


Not to mention... (SPOILER)

After watching several videos of a boat lost at sea, in the end you get to drive the boat! I loved it.


Overall, this experience is just wonderful. I expected no less considering that the two development studios who brought us Arizona Sunshine and La Peri teamed up to create this experience, and it does not disappoint. If there was a downside to pick, it would be that the overall length of the experience is short (roughly 2 hours). But this is one of those times where the short time frame makes you crave more; because this is very well done and the need for more is alive and well.


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I don't know why but for some reason I came VERY close to leaning on stuff whilst playing lol. The window sill with the crane controls and the table that the model is on were the two places that almost had me going. :blush: 😄