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-A lovely girl viewer- Illusion of a Japanese game maker

Level 2
NEW! Ocufes version.

-A lovely girl viewer-
-Mogu-Mogu Yuna-chan for Oculus-

[Ocufes version]
- Map change
key 1 Room map
key 2 Beach map
key 3 Classroom map



This is an app just to watch YunaChan on the Oculus Rift
Please launch FullScreen

-------How to Control -----------------------------

A,S,W,D ( Arrows Key ) Move around
Left Shift key Dash when pressing move keys
*Right poop key Reload menu *(seems broken)

Space Show Oculus HUD infos
PageUp, PageDown FOV Value up and down
*F2 FOV Default Value

F11 FullScreen ON,OFF
ESC Quit

Mouse :
Look around

----Download links------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Windows:[Ocufes version]

Mac OSX:[Ocufes version]

Level 3
thats one of my favorite demos honestly i hope they add more girls the options to change their clothes would be nice too 😛 sweet.

Level 2
I always wanted to know what it would be like to be 3 feet tall. I wonder if this will get them to release RK 2.

Level 2
I install the Win version and it can't work. The screen just show the light blue screen. My OS is win7 x32. But the Mac Version is work.

update:After i install the UDK from the demo UDKInstall-RiftCoaster.exe and it work. Thanks. Nice Demo.

Level 5
Anyone know of a Handsome guy viewer/maker?

Level 3
I'm kind of stunned by how this NPC's presence is so strong. We've been getting a lot of great demos for the Rift but one place where I think the Rift will be most powerful is in NPC interaction. I wish we could see more demos with characters who make eye contact and perhaps intact with us.

Level 15
Looks cool, but why am I a midget?
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Level 4
Locking height = not cool!

Level 2
"Madaras" wrote:
Anyone know of a Handsome guy viewer/maker?

equality go!

otherwise, I think its insanely cool how well a cartoon style works in the rift. I really felt immersed in that world... despite being a tiny tiny gnome. 😉

Level 2
"cybereality" wrote:
Looks cool, but why am I a midget?

Thats what I was thinking too! ...then I tilted my head and it became clear as anime panties 😉