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AFFECTED - The Horror Experience (DK2 - Runtime 0.7+)

Level 2


Format: PC ONLY (Mac Release Soon)
Version: v1.53
Controls: Xbox 360 Controller - Keyboard and mouse

v1.60 (Runtime 0.7+) Updates
Runtime 0.7+ Compatible
New Colour Grading
Bug Fixes
Performance Improvement

v1.54 (SDK4.2) Updates
Modifications to the Manor layout + extra scares.
Manor Bug Fixes
SSAO Disabled due to performance and artefact issues
Colour Correction
Download Here: v1.54 DX11 & D3D9
PayPal Donation: πŸ˜‰

:!: Ive found that Affected works best in Extended mode for most users :!:

v1.50 Additions
DK2 Support
Calibration Screen
Many New Scares with Random Scare Generation
Asylum Re-skinned
Additional Music & SFX

Known Bugs:
Fade into walls 50% working
Transition fades cause banding

24/10/2014 UPDATE: Affected 1.5 is now released! Thanks for your support everyone, its really appreciated and keeps us little devs going.

I will be announcing Affected 2 in the coming months which will utilize the Unreal Engine.

If any of you guys have a spare moment to vote for Affected on the share platform it would be greatly appreciated. Any extra viability is always great πŸ˜„ ... 9474283800

UPDATE: Just wanted to pop by and say a BIG THANKS to everyone for all the support and kind words. Its been a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks with emails flying in left right and center, let alone my day to day job being quite demanding the past week.

Affected - The Horror Experience is not your average horror game. Designed specifically with the Oculus Rift in mind, you are transported to three different terrifying scenarios.There are no keys to find, pieces of paper to locate or mazes to get lost in, think of it as a modern day haunted house.

I really hope you enjoy the experience and if you feel like donating, then any amount would be appreciated to help fund my Unity Pro licence. It would also go towards the blood, sweat and tears that where poured into this development :ugeek: . Details can be found on the Fallen Planet Website.

Get In Touch:

For more information on Affected visit
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Level 3
My Halloween party starts in 1 hour and 30 min and I want this to be the main attraction of the party. Is there even a 1% chance that you could release the update in the next hour or so?

Level 2
So, this was a pretty serious disappointment. I hope the dev is ok. He just dropped off the map after providing updates several weeks ago. Kind of strange.

Level 7
"banderman" wrote:
So, this was a pretty serious disappointment. I hope the dev is ok. He just dropped off the map after providing updates several weeks ago. Kind of strange.

I've seen him post in other threat earlier today

Level 2

0.7 to be released on the 7th.

Level 2
This game on Rift is next level horror, I love it!

Level 2
Ok, dev, are you just fucking with us now?

Level 2
lol, the answer is apparently, "yes".

Level 3
Version 1.6 is now on the website. It runs super smooth with 0.8 runtime.

Level 3
Sorry everyone, the work needed to get this running in Unity 5 was quite a large amount. And many apologies for not being on here more to keep everyone informed on the development process.

If anyone is experiencing judder, it would be great to know what Windows platform you are running, and what make of GFX Card you are running. v1.61 will be out on Friday 20th November which will fix a few bugs, and hopefully resolve the judder issue some players are experiencing/

Its been a busy few months this end finalizing a number of things, which is the main reason ive been less responsive than usual. My time has now been freed up to liaise with the community more, and develop, which is going to help Fallen Planet no end.

I will have some exciting news about The Cabin next week, and a demo/trailer experience can be expected for Jan/Feb 2016.

Id like to once again take this opportunity to thank the community for embracing Affected, and making it one of the most popular horror demos available. Its been a battle making this all happen by myself (and with a child arriving) but Fallen Planet is now growing which means we can now really push ahead with all of our plans.

Its great hearing from people, and if you need to get in touch, please just drop a line to

Im also going to be looking for a number of Samsung Gear VR Beta testers. So if you have a Gear VR, please drop me a line so I can add you to the team.

Thanks Again

Mark Paul
Fallen Planet Studios
Affected - The Horror Experience - DK2 Now OUT! Download on Oculus Share

Level 5
I am running Windows 10, GTX970 Graphics - No judder at all on the newest build of Affected. I cannot wait to see the new things coming from you, The Affected has been my go to when showing people the rift - it is the best immersion experience in the horror genre so far.

I have probably ran through each level 10+ times and I always manage to jump at least once. The Cabin is going to be awesome!!

Would love to see something like a short "sit down" experience from you guys - maybe like a seance or something that only takes like 5 minutes to experience, we like to have the rift at our Haunt booth for guests to check out and a short experience would be awesome for when lots of people want to see πŸ™‚

Keep up the awesome work!!