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AFFECTED - The Horror Experience (DK2 - Runtime 0.7+)

Level 2


Format: PC ONLY (Mac Release Soon)
Version: v1.53
Controls: Xbox 360 Controller - Keyboard and mouse

v1.60 (Runtime 0.7+) Updates
Runtime 0.7+ Compatible
New Colour Grading
Bug Fixes
Performance Improvement

v1.54 (SDK4.2) Updates
Modifications to the Manor layout + extra scares.
Manor Bug Fixes
SSAO Disabled due to performance and artefact issues
Colour Correction
Download Here: v1.54 DX11 & D3D9
PayPal Donation: 😉

:!: Ive found that Affected works best in Extended mode for most users :!:

v1.50 Additions
DK2 Support
Calibration Screen
Many New Scares with Random Scare Generation
Asylum Re-skinned
Additional Music & SFX

Known Bugs:
Fade into walls 50% working
Transition fades cause banding

24/10/2014 UPDATE: Affected 1.5 is now released! Thanks for your support everyone, its really appreciated and keeps us little devs going.

I will be announcing Affected 2 in the coming months which will utilize the Unreal Engine.

If any of you guys have a spare moment to vote for Affected on the share platform it would be greatly appreciated. Any extra viability is always great 😄 ... 9474283800

UPDATE: Just wanted to pop by and say a BIG THANKS to everyone for all the support and kind words. Its been a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks with emails flying in left right and center, let alone my day to day job being quite demanding the past week.

Affected - The Horror Experience is not your average horror game. Designed specifically with the Oculus Rift in mind, you are transported to three different terrifying scenarios.There are no keys to find, pieces of paper to locate or mazes to get lost in, think of it as a modern day haunted house.

I really hope you enjoy the experience and if you feel like donating, then any amount would be appreciated to help fund my Unity Pro licence. It would also go towards the blood, sweat and tears that where poured into this development :ugeek: . Details can be found on the Fallen Planet Website.

Get In Touch:

For more information on Affected visit
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Level 4
Great news! Thanks!!
Comunidad española de RV / Spanish VR Community

Level 2
Any update?

Level 2
i cant wait to show my mates this its the best experience to date with the oculus please soon!

Level 3
"fallenplanet" wrote:
coming soon guys! along with news on Affected for the CV1!

Its been a very busy few months for us, but with a few more hands on deck now the mountain of work is now reducing..

Ill have full updates early next week...

Eagerly awaiting! I love this demo especially for parties :D! Hopefully it will be out this weekend.

Level 3
I wonder what happened to this. Anyone have a link to an older download for this? It's almost Halloween!

Level 2
I can't wait to download version 1.55. This game is my ideal Oculus Rift game. I would definitely purchase this game if it became retail.

His site is still down, I'm hoping it will be up before Halloween. I will feature this game in my Halloween party and record each player that plays it! :lol:

Level 5
"majorpainendiaz" wrote:
I will feature this game in my Halloween party and record each player that plays it! :lol:

i did that last year but didnt record it. everyone loved it and a few even ended up ordering DK2's after 🙂

Level 5
Any news on the updated version????? Only 4 more days until Halloween - Hoping to show this again!!!!

Not applicable
SO badly wanted a .7 version for Halloween. Hope it happens! Best overall horror experience for DK2!

Level 2
Well shit.