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Adventure VR (Beta v1.9) SDK v0.4.1

Level 3
Now with DK2 Support! SDK v0.4.1

Adventure, a game for the Atari 2600 video game console, was the very first action-adventure video game. I'm a big fan of the classics! I wanted to remake an old game for VR and what better place to start than a game that sparked a genre. In case your still wondering what Adventure is, here's a video of the original:

I'm planning on releasing level by level betas when I Finnish them. The Easter egg won't be in level one (because its not in the original game's level one) but I am going to include it in level 2 and 3.

This is a Beta version of level one only. Please let me know if you run into any issues or glitches.
Download here (Windows): (Beta V1.9)

*New in v1.9* Updated to SDK v0.4.1

*New in v1.8* Automatic re-centering.

Objective: Find the enchanted chalice and return it to the yellow castle.

-- Keyboard Controls --
Space: Start Game (main menu), Drop Items
WSAD keys: Move
Mouse: Turn
Shift: Run

-- Joystick Controls --
A, B, X, or Y: Start Game (main menu), Drop Items
Left stick: Move
Right stick: Turn
Left Trigger: Run


Level 7
Alright, great to see this. 🙂 Didn't run into any issues here other than learning how to play -- but that's my fault for never having played the original. :oops: Fortunately your simple controls made it easy to figure things out on the fly. The gamepad control and locomotion was very smooth and dialed in very well considering there's some tight mazes.

Did I assume correctly that if I reached the purple room, that's the end of the level?

The only thing I could think to suggest is to maybe use a detail texture on the ground and/or walls so that the player has a better sense of their speed/motion when moving through hallways? That might bring on simsickness for some people though, now that I think about it.

Thanks for this! 😄
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Level 3
Glad to hear it ran smoothly for you. I like the idea of better textures for improved sense of movement. I think I'm going to use light baking to give it smoother lighting and shadows that better define everything.

The story behind the original game is that an evil magician broke into the yellow castle and stole the enchanted chalice. Its up to the player to slay the dragons, retrieve the chalice, and bring it back to the yellow castle.

Here's the manual 🙂

Level 12
Brilliant stuff Rubix. That's it I can die a happy man 😄

Its amazing how although viewing it in totally different way it still felt like I was playing the original.

I had played it so many times in my childhood, I remembered the blue maze first time through.

Standing outside the black castle was amazing. The sounds were spot on.

I loved the Atari and screen (needs some controllers) at the beginning you may want to begin the game by the user walking into the TV. I did this first time thinking that must be the way to start.

Dragons were great and I felt pretty bad when I killed the first one as it didn't get a chance to have a go at me.
Second time through I let him get me. Would be great if you actually ended up inside his belly and it allows you to struggle around a bit like in the original. Maybe zoom out and allow you to view the dragon and you (square in the belly)

I couldn't seem to get the sword pointing in the right direction.

Dragons seem a little too high off the ground.

Excellent start and thanks again. I'm off back to the black castle. 🙂

Level 3
Thanks! 😄 That's a good idea to be able to walk into the TV to start the game. Originally I had envisioned the title scene to have no walking (because the player is so tiny compared to the tv and console in addition to no collisions). Turns out that i forgot to disable the keyboard walking keys. lol Ive put it on my to-do list to enable joystick control, add collisions, and running into the tv starts the game.

I had also planned on adding a joystick and cartridge to the scene, but I wanted to go ahead and get a working beta out first. Come to think of it, I may just add some interactive elements to it. Something like being able to pick up the cartridge and look at it or something to give the scene life.

What do you mean when you say you cant get the sword pointing in the right direction?


I just made the following changes and updated the download link above. (not enough changes to constitute a new version number, but just a few minor changes).
- you can move around the title scene with a controller now
- You can start the game by walking into the TV
- No more going thru solid objects in the title scene

Level 2
I was going to do this! Was a toss-up between Adventure or some other 2600 game and my current project, but I'm glad somebody did it first. Great job, it looks fantastic! 🙂

Level 3
Thank you! 😄

From what I hear, there's a lot of interest in 2600 VR experiences. Maybe if your interested, you could remake some other ones. In Cymatic Bruce's latest episode they talk about what kind of retro experiences would be good in VR. He and the community made a lot of great suggestions too. The new episode should be uploaded in the next few days here and here

Also listen to this:

Level 12
"rubixcube6" wrote:
What do you mean when you say you cant get the sword pointing in the right direction?

The hilt of the sword is at the wrong end. In the original the object would face the direction you first collided with it.

[] = man

[] --<-

Instead of [] ->--

If that makes sense.

Unfortunately I have just given my Oculus away to a friend. He was having a bit of a run of bad luck, so to cheer him up I gave it to him (The loss hit me the next day lol). So I am just going to have to wait until the DK2 arrives now 😞 before I can do any more rift testing. Not sure if the demo works without but I'll keep an eye on the updates. Excellent work so far.


Level 3
Now with DK2 Support!

This new version (v1.5 Beta) may be buggy as I had a few troubles updating it to the newest SDK. If you find anything out of place, or if something is not working properly let me know.

Download here (Windows): (Beta V1.5)

Level 12
"rubixcube6" wrote:
Now with DK2 Support!

This new version (v1.5 Beta) may be buggy as I had a few troubles updating it to the newest SDK. If you find anything out of place, or if something is not working properly let me know.

Download here (Windows): (Beta V1.5)

Great, it will be the first thing I try when my DK2 arrives hopefully in July. As mentioned before I gave away my Dk1 so cannot test the Rift bit but I'll play without and let you know.