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After 5 years Blade & Sorcery is truly starting to shine

Grand Champion

I tried the game in spring 2021 and refunded - the quality was really bad, and performance was not great too. The game has nearly 39,000 ratings on Steam, 96% are positive, and a major update was release a few days ago - so I gave the game another shot. Graphics really look amazing - this is Index res 300% (27 mill pixels per frame combining both eyes) with 4xMSAA and all other graphics settings maxed - and it really looks like that inside the game - and I get solid 90 fps:

download (9).jpg



Before the game's U10 update, the game really looked bad, few polys and low-res textures. Now the game has full physics exactly like Boneworks, and poly levels are truly high-end PCVR:

download (16).jpg

download (21).jpg


The dynamic shadows are very impressive - you can set the render distance to 30m, 50, or 100m - I had no issues with 100m with the 10900K (10cores/20threads, 5.3GHz). See the dynamic shadows up close here:

download (8).jpg

Nicely detailed dynamic shadows for opponents


And here you can see the shadows extending 100 meters - you have to look carefully. See the two tiny persons guarding the house - can you see their shadows?

download (17).jpg

Very hard to see here - but the two guards outside the house have dynamic shadows


Textures look great too:

download (11).jpg

Textures on an apples - look even more high-res inside the game


download (13).jpg

Looks like real stone to me, but of course textures could be even better, this is fine though

 Volumetric lights look good too - see the light coming from the top windows, where I'm pointing:

download (23).jpg


The sunshine looks great too:

download (22).jpg


You can swim properly now:


This is my mirror image - looks good too:

download (18).jpg


More about the recent changes here:

I think the game deserves the 96% positive ratings - I just updated my negative review to a positive:

"With the lastest update the game finally shines - I'm close to blown-away.
Solid 90 fps using SteamVR res 300%, 4xMSAA and maxed out graphics settings with an oc'ed RTX 3090 - and i9 10900K. Shadows look great - same for the lighting. Polygon leves are tremendously improved - last time I tried the game was in 2021, so 2 years ago.

This game is now worth the 20 bucks - would be even worth 40 compared to the Bonelab trash.

We're getting close to Alyx quality here.

I still do not like killing beautiful women - it goes against my gentleman code, lol. I'll imagine they all are evil witches having sacrificed babies and stuff - I guess that'll work ;-)"

Controls take some practice to master, especially climbing - but as said it works like in Boneworks, and Boneworks physics often were quite janky too. 

The game has 43,000 PCVR ratings (39,000 on Steam and 4,000 for the Rifts), while the Quest version has 31,500 ratings - so PCVR has nearly 40% more ratings and maybe have sold better than the Quest version - also explaining why devs have spent much time getting PCVR to shine. 

Btw, the U10 trailer is here, but the game is now further improved:


PS. For Index owners, finger tracking is fully supported:

download (15).jpg

download (10).jpg

Oculus Rift CV1, Valve Index & PSVR2, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 16TB SSD
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"