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Alien Isolation $13.09 after coupon at GMG

Level 2

Coupon code: H3U5TZ-9726D1-JIPSHC

Total should be $13.09 for the digital download. No tax or shipping. I think this will register on Steam. I've purchased from GMG before. They're reputable.

And instructions for enabling VR mode:

Level 2
Thanks for this - Came out at £8.37 for anyone in UK!!

Can't wait to try this out 😄

Level 3
This game makes me nauseous faster than any other game on the Oculus. I don't know how anyone plays this for such long sessions.

Level 12
Thanks for the heads up on this offer! Purchase made 😄
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Level 2
So a bit of messing with this last night was fun but a good example of how much better a game can be if VR implementation is planned from the start.

Scripted movements aren't good for us and a lot of in game HUD is not visible like new objectives. Also struggled getting the recentering how is wanted. Tends to be too high and a bit angled but sitting up higher to recenter and then returning to normal position has worked OK.

Level 4
I was playing the game last night from not playing for quite some time, and I noticed that while the menu's are fixed, the "up in your face console" from the computers still make me go cross-eyed. Also, the shadowing in the left and right eyes are completely different. It was disappointing, and I couldn't play it for that long.
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