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Amount mismatch between command and amount give for paiement.

Level 2

I have wanted to buy Green hello yesterday, with a promo code and the end of my wallet


 so 11.98€, but when i clic on buy, my bank inform me about the amount that I need to payed and it was 21,98€, what the hell?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Odlex, we completely understand why there may be any confusion with this, we would gladly clear that up! This is a pre-authorization hold, so as soon as we can confirm that funds are available, we release the hold, returning it back to your bank!


You should be seeing the correct amount charged within a few days, we hope that cleared any confusion and answered your question!


Level 2
I understand your explanation, but what I don't understand is why you need to pre authorize an amount greater than the already known amount ? and why is this amount oddly the same as the good amount minus the amount of my wallet ? It seems like a scam !
The only way where a pre authorization is needed is when you don't know the final amount as on a self service gas pump !
For now the previous order was cancelled as soon as i have received my bank notification, and will remain so until it is so!

Hello again @Odlex


To answer your question, all charges are handled at your financial institution of choice. As every location has different methods of handling digital transactions, possible exchange rates, or limitations on purchases, we can't say for sure why a hold would be for any given amount. What we can say is that you'll be charged the price as reflected in your receipt of purchase.


We hope this answers your question!