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Assetto Corsa with Dk2 ?

Level 2

How do u get Assetto Corsa to work with DK2 ? I see alot of videos and reviews about DK2 with Assetto Corsa, but how to play with DK2 ???
I cant any guides on HOW TO get it to work..

I know its not rift support yet, but how the F do people get it to work so nice ???


Level 2
Set rift to extended mode and the primary monitor. In Assetto Corsa set rendering mode to Oculus and turn post processing preset to off. You can use Win + Shift right/left to move the Assetto Corsa menu to a different monitor and the game will launch itself in the Rift when you start a race.

Level 3
Alternatively, don't set rift to primary. Set AC to run windowed and when the track is loaded use the shortcut to move it over.

You may need a primary monitor capable of 75Hz or greater to be able to select a 75Hz display mode in AC for that to work properly.

Level 2
There are already several threads with instructions on how to get Assetto Corsa to work. You should search the forum before starting a new thread.

This is the best out of them:
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