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Beat Saber constant pausing trouble

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I've played BS regularly since it came out but now I get frequent pauses every time I play.  I've made extra special care not to touch any buttons but it helps not a bit.  Sometimes the pauses start almost as soon as I get going, other times I can be half way through a game before it starts pausing, again and again.  Any help would be greatly appreciated

Level 7
Does that issue still persist with the recent update to 0.10.2?
That update solved all problems with unintentional pauses for me.

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Yes, unfortunately, it's still unplayable.  I've tried updates to my GC, OS, I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it twice, still no joy.  I had a look at the Steam discussions and the dev's asked for a game file to be posted ( sorry having a senior moment can't think of the name) but when I went to that location to find the file, it wasn't there, I even looked on all my other drives, but couldn't find it.   The game had been working perfectly.

Level 0
A little late, but It may be a problem with the Touch Controllers itself. I currently have the same problem where the game pauses and unpauses every second or so. I noticed that when I launch SteamVR, when I'm in the menu, I keep hearing the noise that is made when you press a button. This lead me to believe that the problem may be our Touch Controllers, so I'm currently waiting for a response from the support team.

Level 2
Not sure if people are still having this issue, but i think its the batteries getting dislodged momentarily then you shake the controller. i took the covers off mine, pushed them back in properly then it stopped pausing again. Its been working fine for the last 20 minutes ive played. if theres a change ill update this. 

Edit: started messing up again. I noticed the battery on the headset was running lowish so i plugged it back in and low and behold the controllers worked again. Take what you will form that.