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Best apps for Balance exercises?

Honored Guest

Hi all, 

I am a physical therapist conducting research on VR assisted balance training. I am looking for a few different apps that would be appropriate for elderly persons of varied balance abilities. I am looking for some easy, moderate, and difficult applications. Could you all recommend a few or point me in the right direction?  


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there! I am not sure which games have things specifically for balance but here a few of apps! 

  • Litesport
  • FitXR
  • Holofit

With a few of our meditation apps: 

  • Guided Tai Chi
  • Liminal

There are many other apps in our app store! 

We are all mad here.

Honored Guest

Just wondering if you found any apps to help with balance issues. I got sudden onset hearing loss in one ear, vertigo, tinnitus, all as a result of covid vaccine and worsened with a mild case of covid - Been off balance going on 8 months now and looking for help! Saw possibilities of VR and looking for apps, too.

Not really. It seems a lot of apps could possibly help with balance, but more as a secondary effect of being more active than a targeted improvement. Physical Therapy can really help with balance, you might considering finding someone local.