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CDF Starfighter - 90s Style Space combat sim

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce our 90s styled space combat title made for VR from the ground up : CDF Starfighter.

If you liked Freespace, Wing commander, Star wars etc, then be sure to check it out.

We have kept a lot quiet about development over this last year, the game is on kickstarter, so all budding pilots check out our kickstarter page :

Here is how our current alpha is playing :

Developer of Ghostship and CDF Starfighter.

Hi everyone,  we released our first alpha build 0.48 over on steam this week and have submitted it to the oculus store.  
Developer of Ghostship and CDF Starfighter.

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Something that I always miss about flight sims versus space sims, more interesting flight physics. Crafts with more limited manoeuvrability, that don't turn on a dime at 12Gs, energy fighters versus turn fighters. Gravity does help a lot on creating more complex dynamics, which you can't do in space.  

So I guess, kind of well, like Star Citizen.

- Limited power distributed around the aircraft. -> limiting the rate of turn, acceleration, deceleration. Bigger engines or more powerful manoeuvering thrusters.
- Pilot blackouts and redouts. Which is better and how much for the craft and pilot?
- Structural stress. too many collisions or damage limits the craft capabilities to take on Gs.
- Shields and engine power coupled. The more the power required, the less shield power available, balancing manoeuvrability and speed against protection.

LIke in Elite or EV, I still feel Elite it's still on the arcade-side. dogfights are basically tumbling around, zooming out, and zooming in. I'm sure there's a place somewhere for some more interesting dogfights and flight mechanics, while keeping the amount of controls available to a minimum (maybe difficult with a 6 DOF craft). 

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When is this coming to oculus home? I'd love to get this but really don't want to have to get it through steam (steam has enough control over gaming as it is).

Got this off steam but haven't played much yet