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Can anyone recommend some good vr games that have a story?

all of the vr games i have played so far have seemed super arcadey. can anyone recommend some vr games with stories.

Real life?  😄


RuneSR2 said:

Hmmm, this could easily turn into quite an ultra-sporty and highly exhausting evening - close to doing BoxVR for a few hours  🙂






Wow, the graphics look bloody good!
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Wow, the graphics look bloody good!

I spent an hour testing every graphics setting using the OTT performance hud - but of course it was worth it 😉

Like Doom VFR this game has many jaggies, unless antialiasing is applied. But to really make this game shine, it needs high levels of super sampling. Like in Lone Echo, Dead Effect 2 VR really shines using super sampling 2.0 (=200% set in SteamVR), but of course something like ss 1.8 may look great too. 

If I force ss 2.0 and max out all video settings, then I get like 45 fps. And that's not working great in-game. Turns out that there's really only 1 truly demanding in-game video setting, and that's Effect Quality. If I set Effect Quality to low, then I can max out all other video settings (FXAA3 antialiasing) and get solid 90 fps, but when I choose Effect Quality = medium, I get mostly 90 fps which occasionally dip to 45 fps. Owners of 2080 Ti may be able to use ss 2.0 + Extreme Effect Quality, the rest of us probably cannot. 
Effect Quality has great impact on light reflections and light conditions, but ss 2.0 is providing so much more depth and clarity to the game - I'd happily trade some Effect Quality for ss. 

In short - I'd recommend going for ss 2.0 (200%) in this game for GTX 1080+ owners, while setting Effect Quality to medium (or low). Even ss 2.0 won't completely get rid of annoying jaggies, so you'll need some additional antialiasing. FXAA2 is ok, but FXAA3 seems the perfect match between antialiasing and sharpness. So I'd recommend FXAA3 antialiasing, ss 2.0 (200%), Effect Quality = medium/low and all other video settings maxed. 

And the game feels amazing - much like Doom VFR, but with more story and RPG elements (slightly System Shock'ish). 

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My top selection for story based games:

  • Lone Echo
  • Moss
  • Budget Cuts
With limited Touch support:
  • Skyrim VR
With Gamepad:
  • Alien Isolation (with mod)
  • Subnautica
  • Edge of Nowhere
  • The Assembly