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Can't login to YouTube VR with a family-managed Google account

Level 2

My son has an Oculus Quest 2, and we installed the YouTube VR app on it.


He would like to log into his YouTube account so he can access his subscriptions, recommended videos, etc.


Try as I might, I just cannot get the YouTube VR app to log in using his account. My personal YouTube account works fine. His however does not. His account is managed by me through Google Family Link. He is 13, so I don't think the age is an issue, and I've tried lifting any and all restrictions I seem to have control over and nothing seems to make a difference, unless I'm missing something.


I've been through the process several times over... logging in on a desktop PC, activating the account for YouTube VR... and his account just fails to log in. It very briefly says the login was successful, but then pops up a new activation code and the account never actually shows up. When I add MY account, I can see it in the accounts list, and then there's a spot below it where his account should be listed, and it just says "This action isn't allowed" and "Tap to retry"


I realize Oculus probably can't support this app as it's made by Google? But I expect I'm more likely to get a response here than I am from YouTube/Google. I've been searching everywhere I can think and can't seem to find any useful information, and I've spent over half a day stuck on this. Any help would be appreciated.


Level 2

I'm having the exact same problem with my two sons' Google accounts. 

Having this same issue with my nephew.  Have they gotten back to you regarding this?

Thank you.