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Character Height - Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Honored Guest

I just bought Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and installed it on my Oculus 3. It is awesome. My only complaint so far is the height of my character, My eye level is below everyone's shoulders (my real height is 5'-10). I have reset my floor level for the headset twice, and restarted the game but my character is still short. My eye level is correct in other games at the same time. I do not think this is correct because other in game experiences seem to be related. For example in the first campaign when I try to load the boxes in the back of the truck I can almost not reach the seats on either side.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I faced the same problem while playing the game, no matter what I tried, I couldn't adjust my height properly. Eventually, I just switched to seated mode. But hey, you can still stand up if you prefer while in seated mode.

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