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Cooking Simulator VR (DevLog) - Cook or explode the dishes!

Hey guys!
I'm from GameBoom VR team and this is our new game.

We decided to post here information about the development of Cooking Simulator VR. Our first trailer is now available and you can also visit our Steam page.

Check Cooking Simulator VR on Steam!

Compatible VR headsets:
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift S

In the future, there will be more videos from the game. If you have any questions about Cooking Simulator VR - feel free to ask!

Awesome job. Looks perfect.
I'm wondering as a newbie VR Dev.
What is the cost to develop something this?
How many in your team and how long did it take?


Grand Champion
I'm not much into making food in VR, but this does look fun:

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Nice. How about having a food delivery tie-in within the game? after you mess up, you can order a pizza.
Pretty much my level of cooking.

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Can you guys please do this for the quests? I like this game and kinda want to experience it too!