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Crazy Kung Fu - Training game (Rift / Quest)

Level 7
Hey All! Here's our latest game. And it's intense.

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Train to become the greatest Kung Fu Master the world has ever seen. You will begin as a tourist to Martial Arts, with no experience and slow reflexes. You will progressively move onto harder tiers of training, faster and more complex, until you no longer need to think but simply react.
In Crazy Kung Fu you will fight against a wooden training dummy, using your hands as well as your body to punch, block and dodge the various spinning arms. Throughout your journey you will learn how to be a master at all of these, building muscle memory at first, to then rely on instinct and quick thinking.
All your moves are tracked, you will have statistics on speed, accuracy, strength, all of which will help you assess your progress, target your weaknesses and push towards becoming a Kung Fu Master.


We're updating the game regularly, as well as adding new content. In fact today we added a new Infinite feature, so you can train in levels for as long as you like without any time/score/failure constraints.

Any comments, thoughts or feedback are welcome.


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