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DCS World with oculus not working..

Level 2

How do i get DCS to work with the rift ?
Cannot get it to work, have read a ton of information about getting rift working with DCS, but non of them actually work -.-'
DCS is actually a game that should work with Rift.
Elite dangerous and Life For Speed is all the games i can get working with the rift.

I have tryed both "Direct HMD access from apps" and "Extend Desktop to the HMD"
Also tryed in window mode but nothing worked...


Level 3
Your rig's specs?
I also tried but DCS+AMD+RIFT=FAIL
DK2 on Asus Rampage III gene I7 950 @3.2GHz Sapphire R9-290oc, 12Gb Ram Win7 Home 64. Unity5Pro Ms Kinect 1.

Level 2
I did what this guy did:

Still there is just a black screen in the rift.
Yeah i have a pretty ok pc 🙂
I have a AMD gpu..

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I have this, plus warthog and combat pedals, its been some time since I was in the cockpit.
I will go and give it a test and see if its still working with NVidia (latest drv).

Back in a few minutes, Ill need to swap out my control devices.


Level 2
Will not work with Amd Gpu

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Well it works and not only that but it worked in extended with the rift no set as the primary which was impressive.
There is only one thing to do and that is to tick the box that says, auto detect oculus rift in the settings.
My Machine running a 780ti / 980HOF

I just took to the skys in instant action in the sabre, hugely impressive rift implementation, its like being in the cockpit for real, the space and also the sides of the cockpit makes you feel snug like your actually in that cockpit, they really did a good job with the scale of the cockpit, its very immersive.

The game is quite complicated compared to war thunder for example, but it is not even close technically, DCS is the superior simulator, war thunder is huge fun thou.

If you cant get DCS working, give war thunder a try, just an idea.

Level 2
Then i guess its because i have AMD.

But there is a beta driver available, downloading and testing soon!

Level 2
Still not working

Level 2
The best thing you can do with DCS is put everything to do with it in a plastic bag and stick it under your bed.

Unfortunately the idea of DCS is far better than the reality version which consists of fucky monitor tweaks and nauseating judder when you look at anything other than blue sky.

Level 2
Rift support in DCS should be considered a proof of concept only. It works if you have an NVIDIA GPU and set things up correctly, but it's difficult to achieve a solid 75 fps. Even when it's running smoothly, the low res of the DK2 makes it fairly impractical to see and interact with stuff in the cockpit. A high-res monitor (2560x1440 or above) is the best way to play DCS right now, in my opinion.

Hopefully Eagle Dynamics will take what they learned and apply it to brand new Rift support in their new DX11-based graphics engine ("EDGE") that will probably be released in the next few months. I wouldn't be too surprised if they waited on implementing Rift support for that though, since there's now some concrete info available that the next Oculus SDK version is going to work pretty differently.
i7-4770K, 2x GTX 780 SLI, Windows 7 64-bit, Oculus runtime