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Dear Meta, I am a 17 year old boy from Illinois. I would like to create a game for the quest 2 and 3

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It would be a public lobby that has portals to different games. Everybody can join the games. The game would have coins that you earn by killing other players or winning certain games. Those coins can be used to upgrade your avatar or buy different weapons that can be used in certain games. This game would have all sorts of games from shooter games to multiplayer racing games.  That is the idea I have and I hope you get back to me.





Have you already developed this game, or is it just a vague idea you have? Either way, you won't get far with a post like this in a community forum. Are you looking to publish your game on App Lab? Does the game even exist yet? Do you have the development skills to pull it off?

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @Ieatatonoftacos12! What a fun concept for a game! If you are looking for help with the development process, you can reach out to the developer board for any assistance you need.

 I also wanna let you know of this developer resource you can use to help you on this journey as well:  Get Started With VR Development.


Can I ask what platform are you thinking of making this game for? It seems like a cool idea and I can't wait for when you bring this game to the app store!

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