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Did you played FitnessVR ?

Level 4

Hello fellow players and sportmates!


did you tested this game ?

as an early access it looks pretty cool and smooth .



Level 4

I can't edit my last message so...let's move one 🙂

There is a new update that allow players to create their own environment to play sport in !

I've been trying to start getting back in shape recently, and I've been using my VR to do it without too much pressure of anyone else around. I think I'll definitely need to look into this when its released! I'm a sucker for anything that has customization, so combining that and some much needed fitness... sign me up! Thanks for sharing! 😁

Make sure you smash that Kudos button!

Level 4

Good News !
The release for early acces is finally available after months of hard works !
This is the kind of day you start with more energy than usual, and I'll use it to make more improvement and more works !

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Congrats on your Early Access launch!

Now you're playing with power...SUPER power!