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Digital Scent Technology product with 1000+ scents

Level 2

I am a chemical engineer with a deep passion for VR. I started off my journey with the DK2 and instantly fell in love with the technology. 

My Start-up is building a high end (~$400) device which has
a few really cool features. Our product is a standalone hardware which connects to the headset through an ultra-thin tube. It diffuses from the headset rapidly.

Our product has over 1,000 different unique scents which can be mixed into any
combination (yes millions of combinations) . 

2. We eliminated the lingering scent issue. 

3. Scents have natural concentrations so they are not overpowering.

4. The last feature
i'll keep quiet for now until we release but it's really exciting!

My team and I are doing customer discovery 101 for the prototype we built. I'm really just trying to reach out to the community for advice, connections, and EXCITEMENT.


Level 8
Any interest in Beta testers?

Level 2
I PMed you Ben.

Level 13
I'd love to get one of these.  Years ago back when WWW was only a few years old there was a company that was going to release one of these they called Smell o Vision.  I wanted it way back then.  I'd love to know when this becomes available.
Does it only work with VR?