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Do i can play all games that in Oculus store without pc?

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Hi everybody.Now I’m planning to buy Oculus quest 2.And have only one question.All games that are in Oculus store i can play without pc?


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If you are viewing the store in the headset while NOT connected to a PC, all the games in the store can be played on your Quest. Any game you buy on Steam will need a powerful PC.

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Hey there, @Gyshuk, congrats on the upgrade! We see you're wondering if you're able to use your Quest 2 without a PC. We will happily answer this question for you! Our Quest 2 games do not require you to use a PC, it is completely optional. 


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reply back here! We're always happy to help.

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All games in the Oculus Quest store (the one accessed via the headset when it's standalone) can be played without a PC. If you buy something from the Rift store (within the PC app or in the headset if you have connected the Link cable and enabled Link - it's confusing), you will need a PC, although many Quest and PCVR games come with free copies of the same game in the alternate store.

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It's a bit like asking "can I buy Elden Ring on Steam and play the game on my phone?".


No, you cannot - at all.


The Quest 2 has an extremly slow phone gpu (Adreno 650, part of the XR2 SoC), so you're basically playing VR games on a phone. 


If you want high-end VR games, like those on Steam or in the Meta Rift Store, you'll need a fast gaming rig - the faster the better. A gaming pc with a RTX 3060 Ti video card will be a great choice though - or something even faster. Unless you're happy with the very low-end phoneVR. 

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Hi, I also have this question. I am still very confused. One of the games that I purchased the Quest 2 for is called Cosmonious high. I thought I would have to download steam VR on my computer in order for my daughter to play this. The problem is, my computer is not powerful enough for this. Are you saying that all of the games in the quest store(those you see while wearing the headset) can be played without a personal computer?

If you are viewing the store in the headset while NOT connected to a PC, all the games in the store can be played on your Quest. Any game you buy on Steam will need a powerful PC.


There are 3 Meta stores: Rift, Quest and Go.

All games on the Rift store need a PC to play on a Quest 2.

All games on the Quest store will play natively on the Quest 2 (no PC needed).

Ignore the Go store. 🙂

Some games are on both Rift and Quest stores. If they are cross buy (like Audica), buying on one store gives you the other store version for free (buy on Rift, you get Quest as well and vice versa). If they aren't cross buy (like Beat Saber) you have to buy them twice to get both versions.

All VR games on Steam (or Epic store) need a PC, Steam doesn't sell native Quest games.

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Thank you for clarifying this for me! I cannot run steam games. I only have an Aspire 3 Acer 2022 laptop with Intel 13 processor. My teenage son looked at it today and told me its not powerful enough. He knows because he's a gamer. And I cannot afford a new computer right now. My daughter really wants to play this game called Cosmonious High:) I thought I needed steam to play it but it is also in the Quest store that you can view within the headset so I think we can buy it. I didn't want to buy it and then realize she couldn't play it without steam.

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Thanks. So you are saying that I can play some of the games that are in the Quest store, the store that I see when I put my Quest 2 headset on. I can play them without a PC but I cannot REALLY play them without a PC because they will lag and crap out on me and basically give me a very disappointing experience? I am envisioning a crying daughter right now who is unable to play her favorite game without lag and that is not a pleasant vision for me. So the game she wants to play is called Cosmonious High. If you could give me feedback on that game in particular, I'd appreciate it. Will it lag without a good gaming computer, etc?  I'm sorry. This is my first time posting on any forum like this. I'm not a gamer. I am just a Mom trying to navigate VR technology for my kids. 

If you buy the Quest version of Cosmonious High (this one ) it will play perfectly on your headset. Do not buy any games from Steam if you do not have a powerful gaming computer.

Any Quest game you buy from the Quest store should play fine in your headset. Take note of the right-hand column on the game page if buying from your PC - make sure it says "Supports Quest 2".