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Doom Eternal, Quake, etc

Honored Guest

Im a big fan o all the doom, quake, and tombraider games!!! 

Does anyone know if these will ever be avalible on Quest???

Or if theres any games compareable to these???

Any help would be greatly aperciate!!!



Doom VFR is a virtual reality version of Doom you can get on Steam and play on your Quest if you have a gaming PC to run it with Steam Link.  It's discounted to only $3.74 right now.

Tomb Explorer VR looks similar to Tomb Raider.  It's a PC VR game releasing on Steam this month, so that will also be playable on Quest with Steam Link.

Then there's Eye Of The Temple, which I've never played tbh, but it looks like it's at least inspired by Tomb Raider maybe, and it's available to run on Quest:

You should also play Asgard's Wrath 1.  Yeah it's not exactly Tomb Raider, but it has great melee combat in the game and the dungeon puzzles sometimes are kinda like Tomb Raider puzzles.  Asgard's Wrath 1 also requires a PC.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey, @chazzm69! Welcome to the community, I hope you're doing good. It would be so cool if Tomb Raider was on Quest, as well as Doom. They're both great games! 😭

Don't worry be happy.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Welcome to the forums @chazzm69! I hope you're ready to have your mind blown with these two game recommendations. If you're interested in experiencing modern Doom gameplay, I strongly suggest giving Dead Hook a try. On the other hand, if you're looking to immerse yourself in the classic Doom graphics through virtual reality, Compound is the perfect choice.

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