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Echo arena cost me a bit more than I expected

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Level 5
Unfortunately or fortunately, no kids and no wife to to sell their organs  😛  

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Fortunately. Because the wife wouldn't let you spend 3k on a projector to begin with.

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299a0t8ly45l.jpeg @Wildt 100 inches of pure happiness !  😛 😄  i bought the Epson Home cinema 3700. I haven't see So Much difference between the 4k 1000000:1 and the 1080p 70000:1 so i bought the 1080 who is 2000$ less than the "4K". It's crazy !!! No more broken screen and my arms do not reach the projector. Whaaa i'll continu my setup ! See ya !  😛 

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Re-take that picture with some quality porn playing sir. That's the real test of clarity and performance, na' mean?

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Looks good - is it 100% out of reach? 😉

I can recommend a fixed frame projector screen if you wanna optimize the picture quality considerably compared to a white wall :smile:
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lone echo (and vr in general) also cost me some money today. Was time to retire the 290x running in an eGPU on my alienware.

Decided with a Ryzen 1800x and Vega RX 64

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I would like, but I think it goes against the rules of the forum  😄 
But I can confirm that it passed the test... Many Times 😄
Instead, here is a high def pussy picture Who i think does not goes against the rules.

@Wildt Yeah completely out of reach. To hit it i have to jump and be at less than 18" from my back wall. I think i'm safe !

For the screen, this what the seller told me too. But i don't really watch movies or play high def Games... I mostly use it as a computer screen to code and do Google searches of cat pictures 😄 or as tv to watch news or Familly Feud 😉

But tkx for the advice ! If i want a better  image quality i'll try a fixed screen before buying a new projector

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lol bedroom
sorry had to say it

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