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Eleven Eleven (Review)


I just completed this Cinematic Experience, and I loved it!

If you are a fan of The Invisible Hours, then Eleven Eleven is a welcome addition to your VR Library.

The two titles are very similar in that:
  • This is an entire story with multiple main characters, and you get to witness everything as a silent observer.
  • Both titles have an unlock as a reward for your viewing.
  • You are able to pause, fast forward, and rewind the story.
  • You can either follow a single character, or explore the world freely.

Granted, The Invisible Hours is a much more grandiose experience overall. I spent 8 hours with it and earned 35 out of 36 achievements while also unlocking the secret ending. With Eleven Eleven, you are going through roughly 1 hour of an experience that is fairly straight forward:
  • It's called Eleven Eleven because you will go through the final 11 minutes and 11 seconds of an apocalyptic story.
  • There are 6 characters total, so you get 11mins 11secs multiplied by 6 characters, which is 66 minutes and 66 seconds of story. Plus a Prologue and Epilogue.

The thing I loved the most is the immersion of being on the verge of destruction by a massive atomic bomb. While this experience is more "cartoonish" than "realism," there is a huge atomic explosion that you get to experience in VR that I feel is well worth the price of admission!

But that nifty experience aside, each character's story is incredibly well-written and played out. This story is a bit harsh, and not for anyone wanting a happy ending.

What is rather unique about this type of Cinematic experience is the ability to zoom all the way out to a World View, similar to what we experience in Real-Time Strategy games.


It's fun to see a sequence of events play out between a First Person Perspective and a World View.



Probably my only criticism is the price: $20. Compared to Vader Immortal which is about just as long with the added Dojo, and is only $10. I bought Eleven Eleven on a super sale, so got it for less than $5. I would recommend waiting for a similar sale, as $20 seems a bit much for what you get.

Other than price though, this is a fantastic VR experience.