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Elite:Dangerous player hacker!

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My first experience of this today in Multicrew. I had just started and had cargo full of Collector Limpets. Player joins Crew called SANSTHEBADGUY then suddenly my Life Support goes and Thrusters go OFF and I get ILLICIT CARGO warning!!! There was no room for anything else and no others shown up. I hadn't even started using them. I used REPAIR/REBOOT and got everything online except I had no control of my HOTAS yet Thrusters were fully operational and charged up! So I had to exit to menu and kick/ban that hacker obviously!


(no it was not Thargoids and they are very far away from my location)

Level 10
I never pick up hitch-hikers...

(nor play in Open :smile:  )
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Especially if they look like Rutger Hauer lol 😄 😄 😄

Might have to re-watch that film now!

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snowdog said:

Especially if they look like Rutger Hauer lol 😄 😄 😄

Might have to re-watch that film now!

He's not dangerous unless you're a blade runner or the guy responsible for limiting his lifespan. 
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The only use of multi-crew is for griefers, they get to sabotage ships completely risk free while you are the one to suffer. multi-crew is too underpaid for any other reason. hence why I only let friends join my crew... no one else. 😄

Interesting hack though, crew doesn't have control over any major modules at all, so to shut down thrusters and life support is very interesting indeed. as for the cargo, sounds like he was able to change the state to stolen from inside the cockpit. So in this case I agree, its a hacker alright. who's sole intention is just to make people lives misery. 

I really wish they revisited Multi-crew and fixed it properly, with better pay, missions even, more roles (exploration and trade aspects) and anti-grieving measures ( it was a dumb idea to give people full access to heatsinks and shield cell banks for example 😄