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I have problems with my oculus 2. Picture is breaking during game. Also plaing with WD Retribution and one flare stuck in the middle of the bus in waist height. I can not pick it up and do anything with it. it is not a big deal but very annoying. Hence I though I will do a factory reset or simply reinstall WD. I see in help center how to do factory reset but who can I download my saves no to start the game all over reinstallation? 


Cloud saving is probably enabled so your game saves will most likely restore automatically when the games are reinstalled.

I am not sure that WD is saving in cloud. WW1 is saying games are saved in cloud but I have never seen it in WD or in WD retribution. However I will check the options. Thanks for the tip

You can see the status of your cloud saves on the Meta website. Just login to your account.

Hi, Thanks I was just about to say I do not see where it is but find. How can I restore after reinstalled. Login the same using Oclus and click restore or from pc clicking restore is also good?

In my experience just reinstalling the game automatically restores the save state from the cloud storage.

Hey there, @Lakacsan! We know how important sorting out these headset issues is for the benefit of your gameplay, so we wanted to chime in to make sure you have all the pertaining details you'll need to factory reset this device. Firstly, we recommend charging the headset fully and checking that Cloud Backups is enabled in your headset's settings. To find what data will be restored, visit the Cloud Backup page on your Profile. Keep in mind that whether a game's data can be saved depends entirely on the developers, as they will need to directly enable that on their side. Once your headset is factory reset (directions for this action can be found here,) you should be reinstall the game to pick back up where you've left off. Let us know if you run into any trouble and we'll be glad to assist further! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Lakacsan! We wanted to follow up with you to see if you still needed help with Walking Dead Retribution. Let us know; we are here to help!

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