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Fallout 4 VR Wabbajack mod lists - which to choose?

Honored Guest
With the Fallout show there has been a lot of buzz around people wanting to return to the Fallout games and I count myself among those.
It has been over a year since I played FO4VR (with the FO4 Essentials mod list) but now there seems to be another option in the form of the Mad God mod list.
The FO4 essentials still made the game feel somewhat unwieldy and I had trouble adjusting to the control scheme and the new VR interactions, because they only worked sometimes and didn't really feel reliable (Stimpak use for example).
I'm definitely more of a "keep it vanilla" kind of guy so I would either use the FO4 essentials again or disable all mods from the Mad God pack, that replace vanilla weapons and enemies with strange call of duty stuff.
Now I ask myself - which one is the better one for me?
If there are people out there who tried both - which one do you prefer and why?
Thanks guys.