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First Look At Flow Weaver In The Quest 2 - A New VR Game Coming To Oculus In 2021

Heroic Explorer

Today we are taking an early look at Flow Weaver... a cool new indie title that will be coming to the Oculus platform in 2021. After checking out the press content I have to say I am getting a bit of a Myst vibe with this one so I can't wait to dive in and take a look!

What is Flow Weaver about? Well as described by the games developers:

"Flow Weaver is an escape-room style VR game where the player will solve layered puzzles across multiple dimensions. You start off trapped in a room with no knowledge of where you are, why you are being held captive, and who is behind it. These are answers you will uncover as you progress through the game and orchestrate your escape."

So after reading that I am now even more intrigued as I do love good spatial puzzle games. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Preview Video and if you want to learn more about Flow Weaver please check out check out for more info and if this sounds right up your alley then be sure to join the Flow Weaver mailing list and Discord server for insider development news, and exclusive goodies!

 You can also get an advance preview of the Flow Weaver universe and test your wits in our quick web game:

 All the places you can find Flow Weaver and connect with them:







"I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is the headlamp of the oncoming virtual hype train!"