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After my last post about missing improvements has gone unanswered ! (Surprised Not!) after 2 years of being in the PTC I've decided to leave and go back to regular builds in the hope that I will get the mentioned features in the future, I would encourage everyone to do the same because like everybody else in the PTC we were completely in the dark as to new features that each PTC build had in it, with many a users headset becoming unusable. Different builds released to different countries, reported issues never being sorted out, no idea as to what has changed and what needs testing? Need I go on as to the total **bleep** show that the development team is ? Where is the discord server for this ? Most every software development has a discord thread going!  We are being treated like blind mice and this needs to stop and the only effective way meta will take notice is for everyone to just up and leave the PTC as this would leave them with zero feedback and have to start testing there own software or at least setup a proper beta test group with direct commination with the development team. 

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams... "So long and thanks for all the fish"