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Gorilla Tag- Toxic Reporting System and Unfair Bans

Honored Guest

Sadly this game has an aggressive banning system that's driven by a toxic in game reporting system overrun by a bunch of children less than ten years old. They will happily report you en mass for cheating/modding when they have no idea what modding actually is.
The system for appealing bans is so convoluted that it's not even worth wasting your time trying, it involves talking to bots on Discord sending you around in circles wasting huge amounts of your time and getting nowhere. It would be impossible for anybody to appeal a ban that isn't technically savvy with this type of stuff.
I would strongly advise anybody playing this game to think twice about spending money in it. It's infuriating when you have spent money in the game and end up getting banned for 'Cheating'  when you are an honest paying customer.
Same thing will happen if you buy Shiny Rocks for your kids, they will get banned and be unable to play the game that you spent money on simply because of a bunch of children are obsessed with this in game toxic reporting system. The bans are aggressive and increase in time exponentially quickly leading to permanent I.P. bans losing all the in game items that you spent good honest money on.
If you appeal to Meta about it they will be super nice and understanding but the ultimately have to send you in the direction of the moderators of the game, good luck even getting to speak to a human....
I would say just play for free then you have nothing to lose.


Honored Guest

They're **bleep**. I was trying to get my 10 Y/O son reinstated, and they flat out told me that their decisions are final. They're seriously just a small and insignificant group of **bleep**. I told them we're going to delete, never to return. They're other game makers that will be glad to take his money.   

Honored Guest

My son has been banned multiple times - I tried to log a request to get information about the ban - we even bought a bunch of tiny rocks on the same day, but their automatic response was all decisions are final and there's no path to finding that out, as it's all automated. Disappointing that they're happy to take money but not spend any on having a fair and transparent banning system.

I think it's time to report them to the state's attorney general. They're business practices are shoddy and aggressive. If enough parents say something maybe we can get their attention somehow. I'd let it go if they would just give him his money back that he spent on their in game purchases. I'm not even asking for the price of the game back.But if he is going to be banned for life, They should be giving his money back.  

Honored Guest

My son is autistic and takes rules very seriously. He’s been banned twice from

this game for toxic behavior. That “toxic” behavior, was him saying “yay! That person for banned!” and saying, “Everyone report him for using cheats.”, because the game maker said cheats aren’t allowed and need to be reported. He had a full panic attack when he was banned for the second time this evening. I can’t even with this system. There should be actual evidence not just a bunch of bullies reporting for no reason.