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Gun Raiders major bug

Level 3

Shortly after your last update, the game has started to “ skip frames”. When flying, the play pauses and skips a frame or two, walking forward or backwards, and it stutters and skips frames,

And its real bad when flying, shooting, and trying to maneuver, skips and freezes momentarily making play impossible. I restored the Oculus2 once, and it fixed it for a day. Then it happened again, and this time the P90 gun I was using would be upside down ,in my hand. I restored it again, but this time it made no difference, problem stayed.   If I uninstall the game, it says I will loose all my data, my rank, raider coins , I purchased the $7.99 package, everything will be gone. Any Ideas.???

Roy Kimble….aka JudgeDread1995


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey JudgeDredd1995! We'd like the virtual experience to consistently be as smooth as possible, but sometimes, these things can happen, right? This is why we have our Cloud Backup service, in case a user needs to reinstall their app or factory reset their headset for any reason. Games that are supported by the Cloud Backup service have their data uploaded to the Oculus Cloud, and will be restored in the event that it is lost from a factory reset or reinstallation.


For more info on enabling the Cloud Backup feature, check out our support page. Take note that while backing up to the cloud, the charger must be plugged into the headset itself, and not the Elite Strap battery pack.


Gun Raiders is supported by the Cloud Backup service, though, you will need to contact the developers directly to know what data is actually stored to the cloud, and what data will be deleted upon uninstalling. You can reach Gun Raiders Entertainment Inc. through their Twitter page and official Discord server.

The new Oculus I purchasewd to try and solve the stuttering ONLY restored the Gun Raiders backup data, ALL the other games were LOST, Star Wars, DR Who, Angry birds, ALL!!!!

I'm experiencing the same issue. Is really annoying, make impossible to play.