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Has "The Climb" ever been on sale?

Level 8
Since doesn't have a history of price for Oculus exclusive games, I can't tell if The Climb has ever been on sale. I have been waiting until the Quest version came out to purchase it, but I'm hoping that it will go on sale on the Rift side before Christmas. Did anyone get it on sale? If it's never been on sale, I'll probably just pop for it, but it it is just a matter of waiting, then I have plenty to play until it goes on sale.


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Level 7
I'm pretty sure I bought it on sale a couple of years ago. I rarely pay full price for my Oculus games, with the exception of Lone Echo which I just had to have after getting my CV1 kit! 

So yeah, I'm quite certain I would've picked it up on sale. Add it to your wishlist and check the Oculus site for daily deal. I finally purchased Edge of Nowhere the other day on a 50% off deal. Had been waiting for that one to go on sale for well over 2 years (and kept missing previous sales for the title). Hang in there, it will come your way eventually.

Level 7
was the climb like $45 or $50 for  the first couple of years?

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Nope, (almost) never. They kept charging it full price when it's pretty much an empty game.
Honestly, if you want to climb in VR, go check Rec Room, they have that now! You don't get the same graphics, but you do get the same experience.

Level 15
It was on sale earlier this year. I remember because I purchased it. I couldn't get it working with Oculus Quest Streaming though so I got a refund. 

Thank you

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The Climb £14.99
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Level 15
I thought it was on sale last week in one of the bundles. I got it on sale last year but it took forever to go on sale and then I didn't play it much at all.

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Yup, it's been on sale a few times I think. Worth every penny imo.

Level 7

snowdog said:

Yup, it's been on sale a few times I think. Worth every penny imo.

Agreed. It's one of the best experiences on the rift IMO 

Level 12
Has been on sale a number of times. Not by much. 

Level 4
I paid $10.87 for it on December 26 2017